Homemade Cotton Candy with Cotton Candy Express

by Erik
cotton candy

Do you do family movie night? Or family game night? Or family activity night? Ok, I don’t actually know what that last one would entail. We don’t really do game night anymore. Too many rounds of a certain property/trading buying game that shall remain nameless that ended in tears and recrimination. However, I love family movie nights. Once dinner and baths are done, we settle down on the couch with some popcorn or snacks. We cuddle up under some blankets. We try to have the movie already queued up (to avoid wasting movie night time, the movie is agreed upon in advance). Then it’s just pure snuggle time. Sometimes we even stay awake to see the end of the movie. Holidays are extra fun because we get a break from the regular movie choices to throw in some Holiday movies (this applies to Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas). The Holidays are also extra fun because we get to try out all kinds of new gadgets to use for movie night, like the Cotton Candy machine from Cotton Candy Express. Yes, you heard that right, a cotton candy machine!

Nothing says quality family snuggle time like getting your kids hopped up on some pure sugar and then sitting down to watch a movie. I’m kidding. Making the cotton candy is more fun than eating it. Well, for me anyway. The kids probably disagree.

So how hard is it to make cotton candy? Surprisingly easy. Let the unit heat up, turn it off to pour in the sugar, then turn it back on and watch the sugar fly. It’s that simple. Now, getting it on the stick takes a little more skill, that I haven’t quite mastered yet, but it is super fun. And cleanup is also super simple. Once the unit cools down, most of the built-up sugar just kind of snaps off. The rest rinses off with warm water, literally.

cotton candy

So if you are looking for a fun family gift this Christmas, get a Cotton Candy maker from Cotton Candy Express and let the sugar fly (literally).

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Hannah G November 30, 2022 - 5:11 pm
This looks like so much fun and I know my kids would love it!
Leela November 30, 2022 - 5:37 pm
I love cotton candy. I've always wanted to make it myself.
Kara Marks May 18, 2023 - 1:18 am
I love cotton candy!

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