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Coffee Dates From Hell by Jim Tilberry Book Review #CoffeeDatesFromHell

by Heather


I received a paperback copy of Coffee Dates From Hell by Jim Tilberry and it was accompanied by a letter from the author. As soon as I read the short note that was included I knew that we were going to be great friends and I was going to enjoy this read.

Before I began reading I did make a mental note that this is not the kind of book that I would normally pick up for two reasons. One, I have never been on a coffee date; although I have been on a blind date. Two, the cover is lacking. The graphics and the colors used leave a great deal to be desired. I would recommend an upgrade but as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Coffee Dates from Hell takes a look at what can and does happen when two people meet for the first time with a satirical twist. What I love about this book is that Tilberry doesn’t write stories for sunshine and unicorns, he takes us to the complete other end of the spectrum and provide humorous fictional accounts of several very, VERY bad coffee dates. He is realistic to share that some dates are disastrous from the get go and others turn into train wrecks as the moments tick by.

As I never have time to read, I took a time out of my day and read the book in the parking lot of my daughter’s school as she was inside working on becoming a genius. There were a few people that came and went and it is likely they thought I was crazy as there were moments when I was giggling and even times when I was laughing out loud. It was great to read the stories of your average Jack and Jill and amusing, to say the least, to read about historical figures such as Jesus, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln. At times I even sat back and thought; could it be … what if … I wonder …. It was great!

As Tilberry notes, his humor is often silly, irreverent, and politically incorrect and that is why I like his book. This read allows us to take a break from the serious of life, giggle when sometimes we have a difficult time smiling, and we are given a “fly on the wall” perspective of some pretty memorable moments.

If you have a coffee date planned this week … break it. Save the $25 trip to Starbucks and pick up a copy of Coffee Dates From Hell instead. You’ll thank me!



When two single people meet for the first time, they often arrange a “coffee date.”  Coffee Dates From Hell is a humorous fictional account of several very bad coffee dates.  Many of these dates are disasters from the beginning.  Others are destined to be train wrecks if the two people ever see each other again.  The coffee dates include several famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and J. Edgar Hoover.  You’ll also meet a range of colorful characters including a psychic, a cross dresser, and even a cannibal.  The coffee dates include many funny twists and surprises. The humor is often silly, irreverent, and politically incorrect.

The book is a very quick read (148 short pages).


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