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CLA Superior Review #weightlossdevelopment

by Heather


I hear it all the time. A lot of women talk about their age and how difficult it is to lose weight after reaching a certain age. What I hear most often is that the body just likes to “hold on” to the extra weight. Normally this lingo is coming from my friends that are in their 40s and 50 but I don’t want to generalize; you may not agree. Today I am here to share with you something that may be shocking and even downright disturbing. You may want to sit down for this. I’ll wait




All settled? I am here to tell you that the body starts holding on to that extra fat at the age of 25. Yup, you read that correctly. After 25 it is all downhill when it comes to trying to lose weight! The best thing that you can hope for is to find something to suppress your appetite. At the same time, the idea is to find something that will help provide energy as well.

Things look really bleak now, don’t they? You are probably eyeballing the pantry in your kitchen and thinking … what the hell, maybe I should go get the bag of potato chips. Don’t do it!

As someone who has tried her fair share of appetite suppressants I can be honest and telling you that most of them DO NOT WORK. My favorite is the infomercials with the actress with $500 Spanx on; okay, I may be inflating the cost of Spanx but you get the idea. I digress.

Achieve your dreams about your body, your weight, and your lifestyle.

I have found a supplement that seems to be working for me. It is called CLA Superior. Since I started taking CLA, I have noticed a spike in my energy level and a reduced appetite; which is great since I get snack attacks throughout the day. I have been taking them daily, for about three weeks, and plan on continuing my regimen.

I am not a huge fan of posting “results” because I feel like people, especially women, tend to gauge their self(worth) on “accomplishments” or perhaps lack thereof when it is impossible for us to compare ourselves to others; we all have a different makeup.

In my opinion, if you feel better and feel like you look better then you are on your way to success and that is what is most important; how we see ourselves. Find your vehicle in CLA Superior. It will put you on the road to a happier you and as an added bonus, a healthier lifestyle!



If you need to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle or maintain weight – CLA is the supplement for you. Regardless of your body composition, you will benefit from the effects of CLA. Overweight people use CLA to lose weight, burn fat and add muscle by increasing their metabolism. Normal or athletic body types use CLA to maintain bodyweight and prevent fat storage.

CLA Superior is a premium supplement

CLA Superior is a premium product. And with our products there comes solid guarantees.

1) It has got the purest natural source on the market. Period.
2) It is made in USA.
3) It’s produced under quality control standards through every phase of the product development. Rigorous controlled and followed up.
4) The products are produced using drug manufacturing standards which are higher than those required for nutritional supplements. Even though our strict guidelines are not required by law, we believe following them makes our products far superior, while also providing our customers with an added measure of assurance.
5) Each batch of material undergoes rigorous scientific testing by our quality control experts.
6) We perform full Microbiological testing. This assures that every product meets FDA standards for contamination.
7) We screen materials for steroids, melamine and any other unwanted drug.
8) The ingredients we used are completely tested and approved and issued a Certificate of Analysis.
9) 100% of our products are FDA validated.
10) Our products are science backed – we don’t invest in “hyped” ingredients and products with no science studies that show and claims result and safe usage.

Two Great Bonuses!

When purchasing the CLA Superior at amazon you will get two great bonuses

1) A 30 day ticket to our Weight Loss Concierge Program where Weight Loss Development’s personal trainers and nutritionists are helping you out with every every question and issue you have regarding weight loss, diets, supplements, exercises etc.

2) The Weight Loss Guide – a 26 page Weight Loss Guide with information, tips and ideas for a successful weight loss.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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