We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit Review #wechoosevirtues

by Heather

f9081e7404cb03ac0abc25ac14df644920a50f63I was raised Catholic and my husband Lutheran. For our own personal reasons we both pulled away from the church and organized religion and decided that it was best just to live a life where we try to be good people. It has worked for us for the last 14 years. We try to do unto others, give back to the community, and bring something positive to the world when given the chance. Note, this can be an everyday activity. ;)

Then we got pregnant and had a baby.

Our daughter was born and suddenly everyone and their brother wanted to know if we were going to start attending mass again, get the baby baptized, and if not, how did we plan on bringing her up as a good person? Wow, no gray areas there, I guess everything in life really is black and white. No, we did not start going to mass again or get her baptized but yes, we have always planned on raising our children to be good people and introduce Virtues into their life, and that is exactly what we have done. Why? Because we want our daughter to grow into the best person that she is able to be. We want her to stand tall and proud, have morals, and bring good to the world. Isn’t that what every parents hope? I have never met a parent with the goal of raising their kids to be criminals, evil, etc…

I believe the Virtues are an important part of raising our children to the best of our ability. However, sometimes it is different to introduce some of them into daily life and we look for resources to aid us in the process. That is why I was thrilled when given the chance to review the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit.

Every item in the kit was designed to inspire and demonstrate each virtue and turn your home or even a homeschool classroom into a place where Virtue is demonstrated with attitudes and actions.

If you aren’t familiar with the Virtues, there are 12 of them and they are: I am Diligent, I am Obedient, I am Kind, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Honest, I am Perseverant, I am Self-controlled, I am Content, I am Patient, I am Gentle, and I am Attentive! 

Now, I don’t know about you but I do not know a single person that embodies all of these characteristics. I know many people that if given a checklist would be able to say they possess many of them but not all. In my mom’s words, only the perfect person would be able to represent all 12 Virtues and nobody on this planet is perfect. I totally agree. But that certainly does not mean we can’t aspire to be great.

If you teach your child(ren) at home, have a homeschool classroom, or just wanted to teach your children the importance of Virtues then I highly recommend you look into the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit.

My daughter is only 5 years old and some of the concepts are difficult for her to grasp; however, there are many Virtues that we have been working on already. As anyone with a toddler knows, we are constantly working on stressing the importance of being obedient. Being kind, helpful, forgiving, honest, and gentle all come to her naturally. She is an old soul reborn. We are working on self-control and attentiveness but this has proven to be a process. Being perseverant and patient may take some time! ;)

We have been using our Virtue Flash Cards a few times a week; as we do not want this to become too overwhelming for her or result in burnout and we reference her Virtue and Rules Poster almost daily. I can’t say enough good things about our We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit. It has even served as a reminder to my husband and I of what is important in life.

If you are interested in introducing your child(ren) to the Virtues, introduce the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit to your home. You won’t regret it.




Reusable Tools

    • Parenting Cards (Teacher cards for families!)
      Virtue Flash Cards for families
      Kids Virtue Poster
      Three Rules Poster
      Kids of VirtueVille MINI Poster

Consumable Tools

    • 100 Days of Virtue Chart and Butterfly Stickers
      25ct pad Virtue User Reviews

Downloadable/Reproducible PDF Tools

    • Teacher’s Handbook (no need to print this handbook. Just read and save for easy reference)
      Butterfly Awards
      Family Character Assessment
      Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Pages



It has been said that character is not one more thing to add to your plate, character IS the plate. This system is not a curriculum or a unit study, it is a language that that you rehearse and demonstrate for the first 10-15 minutes every time you get together no matter what else you are teaching! Please take a look at the individual tools included in this Kit and get all the details on how to use each one.

The We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit is available in three versions: New International Readers Version, King James Version, and Secular.


Each kit retails for $98.99 (well worth the money) but right now they are offering our readers a special discount on their purchase.

To receive 15% off your purchase, simply enter the promo code VIRTUE15 at checkout.

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lindamanns March 3, 2015 - 12:21 pm
This sounds like a great program. I am just going to give my opinion though. I truly believe that doing and being good does not get us to have. We need a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. God's word teaches us all these great virtues. We raised our children in the church and I can't tell you enough how proud we are of them They truly believe in God and try daily to model their lives after God's will for us. Even if you don't believe now, what happens if there truly is a God, which I so believe. If you don't even know Him how are you ever getting to heaven. Please think about this and see what you come up with. God Bless
Linda Manns Linneman July 8, 2015 - 11:30 am
I think these virtues are so important to start teaching our children at a young age. Thank you so much for sharing this kit. It sounds great

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