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Check Your Google Page Rank

by Jenn

Yippie, Google did it again!  Did your page rank go up?  Pink Ninja Blogger is finally a 2, whoot!  I would love to be a 4, but considering this is still a young blog, I WILL TAKE IT!  I started Pink Ninja Blogger to share what I have learned since I began blogging, and now realize its time to put more focus into this blog!  What perfect timing, just received our new look two days ago and now, we have a page rank increase to go with it!  I love that many of you know me for my other blogs, TONS OF OTHERS!  You can always find me blogging around on one of them,

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

Simply Shawn & Jenn

Moms Vacation Spots

I also have a few other blogs that I don’t use too much, I will start using them for a few other things.

So what all effects your page rank and how do you get it to go up?

There’s several things that contribute to your page rank increasing, I wish I knew what it took to be a ProBlogger, lol maybe one day!  I love his blog, so many awesome tips and tricks…

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