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Many apps designed to help performers are specifically aimed at helping those that are just starting out. However, one app, Special Guest App, allows both celebrities and amateurs alike to book gigs. This is an extremely important feature, as it means normal people can hire well known celebrities to perform. Hiring a celebrity to perform at your event is a great way to turn it into an A-list function. Typically it would be extremely hard to get in contact with these celebrities, but Special Guest App makes it easier than ever. So now that you know that celebrity talent is available on Special Guest App, you may just be curious on who you can hire. Here are a few celebrities that you can book on Special Guest App.

Abby Roberge

If you’re familiar with comedy, then you’ve probably heard the name Abby Roberge a few times. Roberge is best known for his comedy performances at the Laugh Factory. These performances are typically recorded and posted online to receive thousands of views and reviews. Roberge has also worked as an actor, writer, and producer for various television shows. While comedians typically aren’t the first choice of performer to hire for a party, they can actually be a great way to entertain and loosen up a crowd. If you’re looking to entertain your guests with lots of laughs and good times, then you can’t go wrong hiring Abby Roberge.

Justin Abrams

Justin Abrams may just be one of the most famous musicians on Special Guest App, as he has numerous big time performances. Abrams has been featured on multiple programs on MTV, and has been a composer and contributor to many feature length films. Abrams was also the theme song composer for the San Diego Chargers during the 2010 to 2012 seasons.  He is also a well practiced live performer, as he can be seen doing many live shows each year. Some of the venues that Abrams performs at include The House of Blues, Hotel Cafe, and The Coach House. If experience and fame are qualities that you value in your performer, then you should definitely look into hiring Justin Abrams.

Adam Lasher

Adam Lasher is best known for his appearances on the 2015 and 2016 seasons of American Idol. During the 2016 season, Lasher was selected to be one of the finalists after impressing both the audience and judges alike. Lasher is an original artist that blends soul, rock, and blues to create a beautiful medley. Lasher’s music has also been featured on a variety of T.V shows, and is currently working on a new album. However, Lasher might be most well known for his work to raise awareness for Type I diabetes and those afflicted by it, as he himself is diabetic. If you’re looking for a performer that has plenty of experience performing on the big stage, then you can’t go wrong with Adam Lasher.

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