10 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Little Kids

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by Heather

Today, we are excited to share fun and creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with little kids!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year, a time to express gratitude and spend quality moments with family and friends. If you have little kids at home, you may be wondering how to celebrate this holiday in a way that’s meaningful and enjoyable for them. While the traditional Thanksgiving feast is a crucial part of the celebration, there are numerous other activities you can incorporate to make the day even more memorable for your little ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 fun and creative ways to celebrate giving thanks with little kids, and you’ll discover that there’s so much more to Thanksgiving than just the turkey dinner.

Gratitude Tree

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10 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Little Kids

1. Gratitude Tree

One of the best ways to teach kids about gratitude is to create a gratitude tree. Start by gathering some branches and placing them in a vase. Then, cut out colorful paper leaves and let your little ones write down things they’re thankful for on each leaf. Attach these leaves to the branches, creating a beautiful gratitude tree that serves as a visual reminder of all the things your family is thankful for. As Thanksgiving approaches, you can add more leaves, and it’s a lovely tradition to continue throughout the holiday season.

2. Handprint Turkeys

Kids love to get their hands dirty and be creative. Engage them in a fun and messy craft project by making handprint turkeys. Provide them with some colorful paper, paint, and markers. Help your child create a turkey by painting their hand and pressing it onto the paper. Once the paint is dry, they can add details like eyes, beaks, and feathers with markers. This simple art project will not only keep them entertained but also result in a cute decoration for your Thanksgiving table.

3. Storytime with Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving-themed books can be a fantastic way to introduce children to the holiday’s history and traditions. Visit your local library or bookstore to pick up age-appropriate Thanksgiving books. Gather the family for a cozy storytime session, and let your kids immerse themselves in tales of gratitude, friendship, and turkey adventures. Some popular Thanksgiving books for young children include “The Thankful Book” by Todd Parr and “10 Fat Turkeys” by Tony Johnston.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Little KidsImage by olia danilevich

4. Bake Thanksgiving Treats

What’s Thanksgiving without delicious treats? Get your little ones involved in the kitchen and bake some Thanksgiving-themed goodies together. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, turkey-shaped cookies, or cranberry muffins, cooking as a family can be a delightful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Let your kids help with measuring ingredients, mixing, and decorating. They’ll not only enjoy the sweet treats but also gain valuable culinary skills.

5. Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving often coincides with the beautiful colors of autumn. Take advantage of the crisp fall weather and organize a nature walk with your little ones. Encourage them to explore the outdoors, collect leaves, pinecones, and other treasures, and enjoy the vibrant foliage. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt, where they search for specific items or colors in the natural world. This activity connects kids with the beauty of the season and helps them appreciate the wonders of nature.

6. Acts of Kindness

Thanksgiving is a time for giving and showing gratitude. Teach your little ones the importance of kindness by engaging in acts of giving. Encourage them to participate in small acts of kindness, like drawing pictures or writing thank-you notes to healthcare workers, firefighters, or teachers. You can also involve them in preparing care packages for local food banks or shelters. These acts of kindness will instill the spirit of giving thanks and helping others in your children.

Thankful JarImage Courtesy of Canva

7. Thankful Jar

Create a thankful jar as an ongoing activity leading up to Thanksgiving. Provide your kids with colorful paper and have them write down something they are thankful for each day. These can be small or big things, from a sunny day to a hug from a loved one. Place these notes in a decorative jar, and as Thanksgiving arrives, you can read them aloud together as a family. This tradition encourages daily gratitude and reflection on the blessings in your lives.

8. Handmade Thanksgiving Decorations

Get crafty and create handmade Thanksgiving decorations with your kids. They can make paper turkeys, leaf garlands, or personalized place cards for the Thanksgiving table. Involving them in decorating the house fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the celebration. Plus, these decorations will add a charming touch to your Thanksgiving festivities.

9. Volunteer as a Family

Thanksgiving is a time for giving back, and volunteering as a family can be a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. Find local volunteer opportunities that are suitable for your little ones. Whether it’s helping at a food pantry, participating in a charity run, or delivering meals to the elderly, involving your kids in these activities will teach them the value of giving and sharing with those in need.

Thanksgiving Movie NightImage by  Pixabay

10. Thanksgiving Movie Night

After a day filled with gratitude and fun, wind down by having a Thanksgiving movie night. Select family-friendly Thanksgiving-themed movies such as “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” or “Free Birds.” Pop some popcorn, cuddle up with blankets, and enjoy a cozy evening together. This is a great way to relax and bond as a family, concluding your Thanksgiving celebration on a warm note.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and create lasting memories with your family, especially with your little ones. While the traditional feast is undoubtedly a central part of the celebration, incorporating these 10 fun and creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your kids can make the holiday even more special. Through crafts, gratitude activities, nature walks, and acts of kindness, you can instill the values of thankfulness, togetherness, and the spirit of giving in your children. By engaging in these activities, you’ll create cherished traditions and lasting memories that your little ones will carry with them throughout their lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

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