Blue’s Big City Adventure is NOW STREAMING on Paramount+ | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & REVIEW

by Heather
Blue's Big City Adventure

It’s a story as old as time. Small-town pup heads to the big city. Seeking fame and adventure. Only to be thwarted by the zombie hordes that make them lose their notebook with the address of the Broadway theater where Josh has his big audition and then they must find clues to figure out where the audition is before 3 pm.

I’m told that was the original plot of Blue’s Big City Adventure, according to my 4-year-old nephew anyway. I think the theatrical version of the movie veered a little from that, which is probably a good thing. Hordes of zombies might be a bit scary for preschoolers.

Despite the lack of zombie hordes, Blue’s Big City Adventure was a fun movie that had my kids thoroughly entertained. From my 8-month-old son to my 2-year-old daughter to my 12-year-old (now 13, ugh) daughter to the 50-year-old child sitting next to me (the hubby). Blue never seems to disappoint. The adventure to get Josh to his audition with producers Rainbow Puppy and BD Wong is fun and lively and still manages to contain an element of suspense (will he miss his big shot?). It’s hard not to root for Josh and Blue as they travel around New York talking to a diverse group of new friends while looking for clues to the audition location. Will he make it? You will have to watch to find out.

BLUE’S BIG CITY ADVENTURE follows Josh (Josh Dela Cruz), who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to audition for Rainbow Puppy’s (Brianna Bryan) Broadway musical, and Blue (Traci Paige Johnson) as they skidoo to New York City where they meet new friends and discover the magic of music, dance and following one’s dreams. The entire “Blue’s Clues” crew is reunited for this special movie event, with the beloved animated friends and all three hosts – Josh, Steve (Steve Burns) and Joe (Donovan Patton) – together for the first time in the Big Apple.

Starring Josh Dela Cruz (“Josh”), Traci Paige Johnson (“Blue”), Brianna Bryan (“Rainbow Puppy”), Steve Burns (“Steve”) and Donovan Patton (“Joe”)

Featuring Special Star Appearances by BD Wong, Ali Stroker, Taboo, Alex Winter, Phillipa Soo and Steven Pasquale

Directed by Matt Stawski

Written by Angela C. Santomero

Produced by Traci Paige Johnson and Angela C. Santomero

Executive Produced by Todd Kessler, Sam Sarkoob,Robert Unger and Matt Stawski

Thanks to our friends at Paramount Plus, I was given the opportunity to sit down with stars from the film and Director Matt Stawski.

All the details below!

Josh Dela Cruz and Donovan Patton

Brianna Bryan and BD Wong

Director Matt Stawski

Blue’s Big City Adventure is NOW STREAMING on Paramount Plus!

#BlueYorkCity #ParamountPlus

Disclosure: We received an advanced screener of Blue’s Big City Adventure to assist us in our review. Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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Kara Marks May 21, 2023 - 9:55 pm
So cute!
Terri Quick June 12, 2023 - 7:25 pm
Looks cute

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