Best Windows Phone Apps for Kids and their Parents

by Jenn

WP_20130121_039The other day my three year old daughter was playing one of her games on my phone when I realized how darn awesome she is on that phone for someone who just turned three. I’m not sure why I was so amazed, I mean this is the stuff that is in front of them day after day.  It’s something that they are going to NEED to master if they plan having a career, or sending mail for that matter.  Technology is awesome, but we still have to monitor what our children are playing doing and seeing while they’re on our phones.

There’s thousands upon thousands of apps for children in the Window’s Store and if you’re looking for a few that are fun and interactive here’s a few children’s apps for Windows Phones.

  • Kids Memory Match – Loads of fun and helps with their memory too.  There is several categories for your child t to keep their brain start while having fun.
  • Preschool Essentials – Delivers give fun essential skills for the preschool paged kids.  This is fun for learning and Phonetics, Numbers, counting, colors and more.
  • Talking Tom Cat – This one will make you smile, it’s just fun for any age.  My daughter and I play with this one and always have a smile on our face.
  • Kids TV Pro – One of my favorite, my daughter watches when we are in the car.  Watch some of kids favorite.  Theirs is also an image gallery, and parents you still have control with the parental control feature.
  • Shapes Coloring Book – If your child love to color than this is a fun app for them.
  • Toddler Paint’ – Another fun app for coloring.
  • Animal Memory – This makes keeping the memory sharp fun by matching animals.
  • Storyteller – This one is fun, you can record yourself reading a story for your child.  Works great while you’re on trips.

Some other fun apps for your children that you can find in the Windows Store.

  • Draw Free
  • Cinderella
  • Toddler Flash Cards
  • Kids Draw Free

There is plenty of great apps for your Windows Phone.  I have had my Windows.  If you haven’t upgraded to a Windows Phone you can also find many of theses great apps along with others that have tons of great apps on Android and IOD devices as well.  Remember if your ever on the lookout for a new phone, or to trade in our old phone you can recycle y

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william saylor May 21, 2013 - 2:52 pm
My grandson will like some of theses apps.
Becky Schollian May 21, 2013 - 3:12 pm
Yes!! My G'son is the app king!! He has all the gadgets, DSI, Innotab 2S, Leap Frog and the list goes on. But he just enjoys the apps for Smart Phones. We don't have Kids T.V. Pro. Definitely a must have for our little guy!! Thanks Jenn, you always post the best stuff!!
Nikole Comer May 22, 2013 - 3:39 am
So I read the best windows phone apps for kids blog and downloaded talking Tom cat! My sons had the most fun giggling and sayin hi to it an listening to the cat repeat after them! It was really, really, hard to pry my phone away from them when it was bedtime :( my 3 yr old was crying in his bed asking me for Tom cat. I know now what I will use for bribery in the near future lol
Donna Martin July 8, 2013 - 11:54 pm
my fav would be 'A Pose for That' its a yoga practical poses for everything from losing weight to reducing stress.
Mikael Thomsen July 10, 2013 - 4:03 pm
Hi. Jenn. I'm a parent too - and I'm also an app developer. If you have the time please help me promote my math app for kids. I would really like other kids than my own to enjoy Michael's Math Zoo (that is the name of my app). It's completely free with no ads or in-app purchase (the app is funded by a reward I got earlier this year). Thanks. Regards, Mikael Thomsen
Sandy Cain July 28, 2013 - 9:33 am
It's really something how the little kids now are just growing up with all the technology, and taking it for granted. Your 3-year-old is probably more tech-savvy than I'll ever be. I see little ones all the time (can't be more than 2), sitting in strollers with Ipad minis! And to think I once thought that Etch-A-Sketch was high-tech!
Jeri Accardo September 26, 2013 - 9:53 pm
Today the tech stuff is as normal to them as nap time! We grew up in the day of Party-line phone, "a lot of you won't even know what that is. But several households would be on the same phone line! You would pick up the phone to make a call and someone would already be using the phone! I grew up before pagers, cell phones, and computers, so having to learn all that AFTER you were over 35 was quite a challenge! The kids are lucky to be exposed to it from early childhood today, it makes it a lot easier when they get in school.

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