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by Jenn

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Hey all you mommy bloggers, check out this fabulous new widget you can add to your website.  You’ll also be able to help other moms track their child’s growth. Now you can add a Baby Growth Chart Widget to your blog or website.

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I think there’s a point when all us moms worry about it, or it at least crosses our minds.  Is your child growing at an optimal rate, is everything growing the way it’s supposed to, are they learning everything at an acceptable pace.  It’s normal mom, the only thing we can do is become more knowledgeable.

When you are at the pediatricians office they normally check your little one out, from head to toe.  You’ll learn your childs heights and weight increase at every visit, or at least you should if you’re not bring it up to your childs Dr.  However, once your child gets older you take them to the pediatrician less and less.  That’s pretty much where I’m at, which brings me to the reason for sharing this post with you. has created an awesome online growth chart application that available all the time.  Now you can track you’re babies height and weight changes is easy to track.  Your readers will be able to track their babies hight and weight using the Baby Height Chart and Baby Weight Chart.

The online growth chart uses international standards developed by the World Health Organization, and the percentages represent child growth rates in an optimal environment.

The growth chart can be saved as an image or printed.  It’s also configurable to fit nicely into most websites.  You can configure it to use the metric measuring system or the U.S. measuring system, depending on your blogs audience.

The widget can really help your mom readers become more engaged, and come back often to check their changes.  Moms will stay longer, and come back more often to use this fabulous tool.

We all know what visitors staying longer, and coming back more often means?  More pages views, and more engaged readers.  Sadly, when you write day after day it happens.  Bloggers Block!  It also gives you something to blog about on those days you’re not so sure what to write.

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Lisa Wenckus March 15, 2013 - 8:40 am
This is awesome! Just what I was looking for since my kids are 7, 6, 4 we don't go to the dr as often and I am still interested to see their growth! Thanks!!

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