AVASIA Prenatal Vitamins Review #AVASIAPrenatal

by Heather


The words “prenatal vitamins” became a part of my daily conversations/vocabulary when I was in my early 20s. It was at that point when I started looking into becoming a healthier me, losing weight, and potentially looking towards weight loss surgery as my weight was spiraling out of control and I wanted to live to see age 40. My physician informed me that if I had a gastric bypass, I would need to take prenatal vitamins for the rest of my life to replace essential vitamins that my body would no longer receive or easily absorb. A prenatal vitamin, daily you say? Oh boy, knowing my history of taking any form of pill/vitamin, I knew that I would be in trouble.

Fast forward about 8 years. My husband and I received the shock of a lifetime when we found out that we were pregnant; we had our doubts that we would ever be blessed with a little one. My OB told me to get on over-the-counter prenatal vitamins right away and said we would move into the “heavier” prescription vitamins when I came in for my first baby visit. I was quick to learn that prenatal vitamins can cause gas, bloating, the stomach icks, nausea, constipation, yeah … the list goes on and on and it is not pretty. Needless to say, I had the pleasure of experiencing all of the neat side effects.

Fast forward about 2 more years. I went through with the gastric bypass and have been on vitamins since day one. Do I sometimes have problems remembering to take them? Yes, I am human! I try my hardest and even have one of those extremely tacky and embarrassing pill holders but, I still forget to take them on occasion. The vitamins I was placed on right after my surgery made me sicker than a dog but, we won’t focus on that.

Fast forward to NOW! My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant with our second child. This has been a difficult road for us but we are working closely with physicians and hope to get good news this year. Right away, my doctor told me to get on over-the-counter prenatals. I asked if there was a certain brand or certain anything that I should be looking for. She explained that all prenatal vitamins essentially provide the same benefits and told me to get on one right away.

Luckily, it was about this time when AVASIA contacted me about reviewing their One Daily Prenatal Complete Multivitamin. I received the product and here is what I can tell you!

First, I can’t explain how this vitamin is very different or even better than other prenatal vitamins on the market. I did some research and found many of the ingredients in the AVASIA vitamins are equal to that of other brands. I am also not a physician so I do not have any form of educational background to even try to analyze the differences that I did notice.

Here is what I can tell you from a laymen’s point of view. As soon as I opened the bottle I noticed a mild odor; however, it was not unpleasant. The vitamins are pink and medium in size which makes them easier to swallow; a lot easier than the prenatal vitamins that I was on when I was pregnant with my daughter. I admittedly have a sensitive skin and my gastric bypass only intensified this so I was nervous to take the vitamin knowing the levels of iron, folic acid (twice the daily recommendation), and the other vitamins and minerals packed into this one little pill but in the three plus weeks that I have been taking these vitamins, I am yet to experience an upset stomach from them. There is no aftertaste!! This gets double exclamation points since I am on a medication to assist ovulation (sorry for the overshare) and it has left my stomach rather temperamental. Overall, this is a great product and one that I would recommend, after checking with your physician/OB, to anyone hoping to conceive or that is pregnant.

As an added bonus, they will help improve the health of your hair and nails which is a win, win for all women. ;)



One tablet a day that is gentle on your stomach and easy to keep down.

Vegetarian prenatal vitamins packed with nutrients.

Contain no gelatin and have twice the Folic Acid and all the Iron needed during pregnancy. PLUS, all of the RDAs (Recommended Daily/Dietary Allowance) of other major vitamins and minerals.

BONUS: Manufactured in facilities in the United States.


Disclosure: Free product was received to facilitate this review in conjunction with Tomoson.com. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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Linda Buzard-Moffitt January 7, 2015 - 2:51 am
Mine was a little later then 20's but when I remember to take them now I still take pre-natals (For the hair nails and just a little bit more of everything and then if an accident happens my body is vitamin-ed up though it's mostly to scare the crap outta the hubby but its worth it Hahahaha
Amber Ludwig January 8, 2015 - 11:03 am
I was one of the only people I knew that didn't have many side effects from my prenatals, luckily!! But I am always searching for something new and better than the rest! Do they make a brand of DHA's to take with them? Those are recommended as well for brain development.

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