ATTITUDE Fabric Refresher Review #FabricRefresher

by Heather


We all want our homes to smell fresh and clean. More importantly, we want our homes to BE fresh and clean. Let’s face it there are certain things that can get musty and even icky smelling; especially things that are more difficult to clean. Just giving it a moment of thought, the first things that come to mind are carpet, curtains, the fabric on our couch, and our large, extremely fluffy comforter … just to name a few.

Like many people I’ve shopped freshening powders for our carpet. Ya know, the ones you sprinkle on the carpet and allow to sit while you try to avoid walking on the carpet or you walk on purposefully to make footprints, and then you sweep everything all up. I’ve also purchased a wide variety of sprays which I’ve used to freshen up our couch, comforter, curtains, the seats in our cars, etc ….

In the past I never really thought about what I was applying to my carpet or furniture until I had my daughter. Once she was born my whole outlook changed and I suddenly became aware and leery of everything that could possibly harm her. We added a puppy to the mix and that only increased my awareness. While my daughter is all over the house, our puppy spends the majority of his time on the carpet. We don’t want to use products that could hurt either one. I don’t want my husband or my health to be affected either but that just isn’t something that I thought about before having a baby. Have you read the labels of cleaning products or even fabric refreshers? I can’t even pronounce some of the words listed and I have no idea if they contain cancer causing agents. I want our family to be as safe as possible and that is why I was thrilled when introduced to ATTITUDE’s line of products.

Recently, our family was given the chance to review ATTITUDE’s fragrance-free Fabric Refresher. ATTITUDE has created a product that allows one to keep fabrics fresh and odor free without a fragrance. Their Fabric Refresher is a hypoallergenic, vegetable-based and biodegradable, vegan product that is free of carcinogen ingredients, by products, 1, 4-dioxane, and ethylene oxide. ATTITUDE’s Fabric Refresher is also certified eco-friendly by EcoLogo, the most recognized certification in North America. I also appreciate that this product is CO2 neutral which means it does not contribute to climate change; a topic almost everyone is talking about. Did I mention ATTITUDE does not test their products on animals?

We really like ATTITUDE’s Fabric Refresher. I’m a clean freak (self-labeled) and doing laundry is one of my hobbies. The problem with washing our comforter is that it not only is king size, it is also extremely fluffy. I have a difficult time fitting it in our washer and dryer and I have run it through the dryer multiple times before it dries. What a pain in the butt! The Fabric Refresher allows me to keep our comforter fresh between washes. I’m also able to snuggle into the comforter at night without wondering what I’m inhaling.

On a more significant level, our couch! We sit on our couch and if we are being honest, there are times when our booties just don’t smell pleasant. I can remember growing up, I hated going to my uncles house because every time someone stood up after sitting on the couch there was this rather unpleasant odor that would follow. Nice, eh? I don’t know about your home but we not only sit on our couch, we also lounge, and lay on it. I’ve been known to take a nap or two on it. My daughter falls asleep on it and I even allow the pup to snuggle with me at night. Twice a week (I’m a clean freak); I spray ATTITUDE’s Fabric Refresher on our couch and voilà, no more stinky booty smell.

I’ve used the Fabric Refresher on our curtains too; however, I don’t tend to take time out to sniff the curtains. We’ll just assume they smell fresh and clean since ATTITUDE has worked on all of our other feisty surfaces.

ATTITUDE offers awesome products that are not only support my cleaning habit, they are also safer to use than products full of hazardous chemicals. I’ve made the switch and you should consider doing the same.

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