Angry Birds 2 Movie Review

by Heather

Angry Birds

Based on the overwhelming success of the video game, comes the feature length film, Angry Birds. Oh wait, that was 2016. The birds, led by Red, defeated King Leonard and the green pigs with their innovative use of…slingshots. You saw that coming, right? I hope so. I mean, the video game holds the spot as the biggest video game of all time on mobile devices or something like that so everyone should be at least a little familiar with the concept.

But all is now well on Bird Island. There is peace and harmony.

Or is it?

Is there a new threat?

Something so big it could destroy the bird’s way of life?

There is. And I’m not talking about the ongoing prank war between the birds and the pigs. I’m talking about a moon that has just appeared in the sky. A moon with enough firepower to destroy a whole planet. That’s no moon, it’s a space station. Chewie, throw the thrusters in reverse, get us out of here.

Wait a minute. Sorry, wrong movie. Wrong franchise. I’m not even in the right galaxy. Back it up a minute, where was I?

Oh yeah. The threat is giant ice balls, raining down on Bird Island and Piggy Island. But where are they coming from? And why? And who is sending them? And why?

Oh wait, I already asked why.

Let’s see…notes from Journalism 101, it’s supposed to be who, what, where, when, why and how. Wait, I never took Journalism 101. So, whose class notes are these and how did I get them? I guess it’s another case for, The Ninja Detective. Wait, I’m getting off track again.

I mean how?

And how do they stop this nefarious evil-doer?

For the answers to those questions, you’re going to have to go see the movie.

Is Angry Birds 2 worth it?

But there are a couple questions I can answer. The first question is, is this movie worth seeing? The answer is yes. I liked it and thought it was pretty funny and entertaining, and I would spend my money to go see it.

The second question is, is this movie appropriate for my youngster? That one is a little iffier. I have a 9-year-old. I know 9-year-old’s that are playing Call of Duty or Fortnite. That’s not my 9-year-old. Is there any swearing or anything overtly bad? No. Were there a couple things that had her saying “Wait, what did they mean by that?” (I’m looking at you “scene with the drone” and “spandex thong”). The answer is yes. But overall, there weren’t a lot of moments like that and the movie, for the most part, kept the adult-oriented inside jokes to a minimum.

So if you want some good laughs this summer, go check out Angry Birds 2 and see how Red and Leonard team up to save their homes.

Dislcaimer: The reviewer was provided complimentary access to an early screening of Angry Birds in exchange for their honest review. No money or Angry Birds LEGO sets changed hands.

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