Adfilic Triple USB Car Charger Review #usbcarcharger

by Heather

fde884344e7f8f1454f60a8713096d84d96cfd2aWe don’t travel very often but when we do, our trips tend to be family trips. And when I say family trips I mean my mom, my older sister and her family, my younger sister and her family, and my little family. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? 10 to 12 people, depending on who is available, together … 24 hours a day. We are talking serious memories in the making! OH and fights … lots and lots and lots of fights! If you have experienced “family time” in any way, shape, or form then certainly you understand what I am talking about.

But, before we even get to the memory making and fighting we have to actually arrive at our destination and normally that means a road trip. We have driven just a little over four hours to get to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and something like thirteen or fourteen hours to get to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Thirteen to fourteen hours in a van, oh yeah, good stuff! My favorite was last year we made a last minute decision to join my family in Siesta Keys, Florida. That is a sixteen to seventeen hour road trip and we made it with my, then, three-year-old. Hmm, it kind of sounds like we do a lot of traveling but I swear we don’t.

Where was I? Oh yes, road trips. As I said, we tend to travel as a family and what that means is that four families normally fill two cars and we hit the road. If we are going a further distance or for a longer time period sometimes we take three cars but normally two. What is a person to do while on the road for hours upon hours? I don’t know about you but there is only so much talking and reading that I am able to do so I often play on my cellphone. The problem with cellphones is that they eventually run out of battery life; rather quickly if you have a smartphone. The other problem is that there are other people in the car who are spending time on their cellphones as well and they too run into the same problem. Now, I don’t know about you but charging my cell takes longer than just a matter of minutes. And, how do you decide who gets to go first when it comes to charging? Is it based on the battery percentage? Age? Position in the car? Things can get a bit tricky and when family is involved, ugly rather quickly. We all want our cellphones charged and we want them charged RIGHT NOW!

Enter the Adfilic Triple USB Car Charger.

Yes, you guessed it, three people get to charge at once, thanks to the tri-port design, and all three USB ports offer rapid charging! This triple charger allows you to charge at the same speed as charging from the wall adapter in the comfort of your home.

The Triple USB Car Charger has a soft internal blue LED power indicator which shows the charger is ready for use or is charging. The charger is compact and sleek with a snug fit so it does not stick out and interrupt gear shifting or using cup holders; most chargers are not able to say the same!

I absolutely love my new charger and keep it in my car at all times for days when I am wearing my “taxi driver” hat. As I said, I have a smartphone which means my battery life needs to be replenished and often. The charger worked great with three phones plugged in on a short trip that we took over the weekend as well. Now that I don’t have to battle for a charger every time I am in the car I can’t imagine life being any different. From here on out, it will be a triple USB car charger for me!


ABOUT THE Adfilic Triple USB Car Charger

  • Triple USB Port 25.5W / 5.1A USB Universal Car Charger.
  • Charges Android smartphones, tablets, music players, and electronics devices.
  • MFI (Made for iPhone iPad iPod) Approved, optimal performance on all Apple products.
  • Built-in circuit design protects against over-heating, over-currents, and over charging of smartphones and tablets.
  • Smart charging stops automatically when the battery is full!!
  • Cables not included.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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anita March 13, 2015 - 5:14 am
This will come in handy for me! I usually travel with my sisters or groups of friends and we are always fighting for the charger!
Karen Robertson Propes March 14, 2015 - 2:20 pm
I was looking for a charger for our new smartphones. We saw this but wasn't sure if it worked or would work for 2 different phones. Thanks for the review, now we can go out and get one for our car. We have been on the road a lot recently and this is exactly what we need.
Linda Manns Linneman September 10, 2015 - 10:38 am
We are on the go alot so I would love having one of these. This would be perfect. I will be checking into one of these soon

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