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by Jenn

This post brought to you by Ademero. All opinions are 100% mine.

Content Central is brought to you by Ademero, a company based out of Central Florida.  Content Central is an awesome tool to help small and large business owners with their document management and workflow solutions.  If you’re a business owner of any size Content Creations document management software is worth learning more about.

How Content Central Works

When you sign up for Content Central you’ll have access and interact with the powerful application via, logging in using your current Web Browser.  You can choose any browser you’re comfortable with, if you’re a Chrome user, Firefox browser, or an avid Internet Explorer user, it’s not an issue.

The Content Central application is great.  Every operation takes place in the browser-based interface such as:

  • Capturing
  • Indexing
  • Retrieving Documents
  • Approving and Distributing Documents
  • Editing
  • Search & Retrieval
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Workflow

There’s still more, but you’ll have to visit Ademero and check it out for yourself.  There’s so much to help both small and large businesses.

So what can Ademero do for you and your business?

It’s easy, go paperless!  Think about it going paperless is going to save time, money, space, and just the stress of having to deal with a place to put everything.  With Ademero the system offer users customization and the peace of mind that everything is right at their fingertips.

Whether you’re running a huge corporation, or a small mom and pop business Content Central can help you with so many things.  It can honestly help the average person.  Let’s face it, when we have tons of papers, things get lost.  Going paperless can help with organization for the average person.

Content Central is something every business owner should consider.  Content Central can offer any business faster document retrieval times, easier document retrieval, easy storage, routing of invoices, increasing effectiveness, and efficiency of workflows, as well as so much more.

Computer software can really improve business workflow, by automating document routing and processing.  When a business chooses to go paperless they are not only saving tress, but investing in their company.  How?  There’s several things that going paperless will do for you’re business aside from what I mentioned earlier.

  1. Save on Space – Clear out that filing room and make space, you’ll be able to use it for anything you need, when you choose Content Central.
  2. Save on Time – no more countless hours organizing your file room.
  3. Ability to work more effectively.  The work smarter, not harder motto.
  4. Customize with your existing system.
  5. The ability to expand.  You can always out grow your file room, going paperless will ensure you always have room to expand and grow.
  6. Keep everything organized and sorted.
  7. Don’t worry about loosing something, or getting it out and forgetting to put it up.
  8. Save time, I cannot say that enough.  Going paperless is going to cut down hours paid to employees.

I look back on the company I work for, before they went paperless there was so much time spend on filing, digging out papers, searching for papers, shipping off paperwork, mailing invoices.  Since our company has gone paperless, we’re able to spend less time on tasks that drag on and more time on what’s important, running a successful business.

Take a moment and watch this informative video about Content Central.

If you’re a business owner, and still dealing with the headache of papers, filing, searching, and all that extra work – head over and check out Ademero.

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