Acquiring an Instant Diploma in Accounting – Now Possible with #BCANational!

by Heather
Accounting. A field of work that completely destroys one’s hopes of having social life before the end of university. I mean seriously. Have you ever heard of your child saying, “Mom, I wanna be an accountant when I grow up. It’s such a fun thing to do, I swear.”? No. Because it never happens. But let’s face it, Accounting has way more to offer than just being on a lonely desk, computing and calculating stuff. It is actually one of the most sought-out industries solely because it is rapidly changing, depending on the mix of services and the varying industry concentrations. The profession is certainly a challenge as it requires major analytical skills, as well as a ton of patience. Even Mick Jagger studied Accountancy before being the Mick Jagger that we know, so if you’re an Accountant, you should still be proud of yourself.
If you are, however, still trying to become an Accountant but don’t have the time to accomplish a full university degree, BCA National Group is here to save the day. They know you’re a bum who wants a Diploma of Accounting in an instant, so they’re offering the ideal program that will fit your timeframe all the while ensuring quality academic standards. They provide hands-on courses on how to introduce and maintain accounting systems, prepare financial statements and do reports on business performance. You will learn how to apply business solutions and analyses effectively, using them as tools to address the most complex problems. Apart from this, you will master the initiative to plan and coordinate your work in accordance with definite guidelines. This very practical skill set equips you for a career break in Accountancy, specifically as a financial controller, a consultant, an accounts manager or even if you want to start your own business. BCA National is one of Australia’s elite training organizations, so the program is suited in a way that will make you an instant target for top Accounting firms…. Even though, of course, you admit to yourself that you’re a slug who is too lazy to get a university degree.
The best part in all this is that the study load won’t be that much of a struggle! There will only be 15 hours of face-to-face discussions at the BCA National premises per week, combined with 5 hours of online classes for a total duration of 12 months. Learning materials, assessment tasks and industry placement will be provided at the premises, as well as short modules which will be available online. All in all, there will be 4 terms, which is more than enough to make you a sound and articulate Accounting officer or at least expand your knowledge on Accounting principles and practices. All that is required of you is a laptop and a functioning brain, so go ahead and study with BCA National today so you can finally be the Accountant that you wanna be!

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