Abominable ~ Now on Blu-Ray and Digital

by Erik

Warning: There are no princesses in this movie. There is no adorable monster that turns into a prince. This is not a fairy tale love story. This is the “true” story of a girl and her Yeti. And her friend. And her other friend that is a little self-absorbed. And their journey to return the Yeti to his home. Oh, and the Yeti happens to be a child. And he is magic. And there is an evil corporation that wants the Yeti. Ok, well the evil corporation isn’t really evil mostly, the CEO is just a little misguided. Well, a zoologist that works for the company is a little evil. But the company itself isn’t really evil. And Dumplings.


Intrigued? Honestly, I had no real idea what the movie was about when it first came out in theaters (other than there was a Yeti involved) and it looked like a fun movie. But I loved it. And now I have it at home to watch over and over and over. Abominable is the wonderful tale about Yi and her quest to bring Everest (the Yeti) back to his home on Mt. Everest all while evading the evil corporation. Along the way they learn about his magical powers and learn some life lessons about wonder and exploration. And dumplings. Yummy, yummy dumplings.

With all the extras you would expect (I believe I have mentioned my love of deleted scenes before) the Abominable Blu-Ray is a movie you and your family are going to love, just like I do. So, go out and get it to own too.

Disclaimer: Reviewer was provided a free copy of the movie for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

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