9 Tips to Overcome Writers Block

by Jenn

Have you ever had writers block? If anyone was to ask you what you do in your spare time, I would tell them I am a blogger.  Writer would be one of the last things that came to my mind, I blog and am a blogger.  I have never really considered myself a writer.

9 Tips to Overcome Writers Block

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Perhaps I think of myself as a blogger because I think of writing and think about the best custom essay, or writing a book.  Bloggers are writers and we can get the dreaded “writers block”, or I have also heard it refereed to as “Bloggers Block“.

But, if you are a blogger you’re a writer.  You might not write books, but you write, don’t you?  Sadly this means we can inherit the dreaded, “writers blog”, sounds pretty scary right!  I think there’s a time it happens to all of us, you just run out of things to write about.  Seriously, many of us have multiple blogs.  How are we supposed to keep writing day after day?

9 Tips to Overcome Writers Block

I have come up with a few steps that have kept me going, with 4 blogs! There’s been times, when I didn’t know what to write about.  Here’s a few steps that have helped me not become friends with the dreaded, “writers block” or “bloggers block”.

  1. Sleep – I know I would have to name that one first, I am bad too I function on less sleep than I should too.  However, stop it, really if you think back to the last time you had a good nights sleep, you probably wrote better the next day!  You feel fresh, inspired and creative.  My dear bloggy friends sleep, rest up and come visit it in the morning.
  2. Read – Yea, I know, we all just learned that were not only bloggers, but writers too!  What now we have to read, what is this crazy lady teaching me!  Slow down and breath, really read, visit other blogs, a book, magazine whatever you want.  Possibly take your eyes off the computer screen for a little bit.  Choose something similar to you blogs niche, and let the ideas roll in.
  3. Write – WHAT?!?!?  Okay, yes writer down your ideas when they come to you.  Ever been in the store, restaurant, and an idea for something fabulous comes to you?  Write it down, and save it for a rainy day.
  4. Prepare – One of the best ways to avoid writers blog is to have a plan, prepare in advance with your list of ideas!  Keep that list just incase your feel like you have ran out of ideas, keep that note pad with you, so you can write ideas down as they come to you.
  5. Walk – Get out of the house, away from that computer and take a walk.  Let your mind free of all the thinking and worrying and enjoy a nice walk.  I get some of my best ideas while I am walking.
  6. Just step away – Take a moment and step away, do anything you want. Once we get to the frustrated point its hard to get over that, don’t allow yourself to become frustrated.  Remember the more frustrated you become the less likely you’re going to be able to write good content.
  7. Just write – Some of my best ideas have come to me when I just start typing away on the keyboard.  I start out on one subject and end up somewhere totally different, before I know it I have an awesome blog post.
  8. Eat good food – Let’s face it if your body is healthy, your brain is better able to think.  It functions better and you feel better if you take care of yourself.  Stay always from the soda and Chips at one in the morning.  Eat a healthy dinner at a normal time.
  9. Have fun – Nobody ever said everything you wrote had to be serious and prove points.  Have fun and let you blog show your personality.  In my opinion some of the best bloggers show who they are by what they write.  Remember people that follow you personal blog also follow because they like the person behind the words.
  10. Look around – Stop, take a deep breath and look around.  What inspired you to become a blogger?  Was it the essay your wrote in school, you know the one that you did so well one, the one that made you realize how much you enjoyed writing.  Or was it, you family, you wanted to share you love for crafts, coupons, deals, helping others.  What’s the real reason, you started your blog?

If you are battling “writers block”, simply cool off and don’t stress or freak out.  Stressing is one of the worst things you’ll do to yourself and your health for that matter.  If you’re calm you can accomplish anything you want, simply take some time to step away and so something you enjoy, remember why you started blogging, go back read your old posts, whatever makes you happy take some time and do it.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to get things figured out if you’re calm and have your head about yourself.

When you think of writers block, what comes to mind? How do you work to avoid writers block or fend it off when you have it? Leave a comment letting us know!

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Dorothy Reading February 23, 2013 - 10:43 am
These are great tips for any kind of writer. I've never really separated writers from each other, like bloggers and journalists from authors and playwrights. A writer is a writer is a writer.
md kennedy August 8, 2013 - 7:19 am
Thanks for the tips! I especially like the "write" tip - just let it out and see what comes! Another way I get ideas is to ask people around me - even rugrats! - what is goingon in their lives; you'd be surprised at the topics you can use!

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