8 Ways to Create a Comfortable Bathroom

by Heather
Ways to create a comfortable bathroom

Did you just move? Are you ready to create a comfortable bathroom? Moving into a new home is a period of transition. You’re busy discovering where things should go in order to be practical and how best to use the space. As such, you’re going to be making a lot of changes to the house over the next few months – it’s the mark of settling in! 

But the one room you should focus on most is the bathroom. This is a pretty crucial room in every home, and when you’ve just moved in, it’s going to be an empty, cold, and white washed shell. Now no one wants that!

Instead, you’ll want to make the bathroom a lot more comfortable for you and your family. To do that, you won’t need to renovate, but you will need to add a few things that make your bathing experience more cozy and convenient. 

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Double Check the Window

Bathrooms tend to be smaller than any other room in the house, meaning they usually have just one window, if they have any window at all. Right after moving in, double check this is fitted/sealed well. You don’t want breezes coming in through gaps, as this’ll make the room a very draughty place to be. For bathrooms, this will kill your enjoyment of the space faster than anything else! So give it a check. 

Refit the Backsplash

Your entire bathroom doesn’t need to be tiled over. You can use paint, panels, and wallpaper in there as well. You just need a backsplash around the bath and sink to keep water from seeping into the walls. Pro Tip: This may be something that you will want to do prior to moving in.

However, the original backsplash could be in poor condition, or simply the wrong color for the decor vision you’ve got planned. So rip it out and refit it! You can easily tile on a couple lines yourself, and grouting is far easier than you might believe it is.

Fit Plenty of Shelves

Bathrooms need storage, more than anything else! You’re going to want to keep a lot of different items in there, and having just a mirror cabinet for storing things away just won’t do. It might be fine right now, seeing as you’ve just moved in, but those shelves will fill up fast. 

Fit shelves next to the sink, next to the door, and put a little waterproof cabinet in the shower unit as well, if it’ll fit. Even if it’s not ‘aesthetic’, it’s practical, and that’s the power behind being comfortable. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for this extra storage later on. 

Fill with Soft Textures

When you think about a bathroom, you probably don’t think of too many soft textures. But that’s an image you’ll want to change in your own bathroom. Don’t just put a rug on the floor, to help you dry off after washing. Make sure you use various other soft textures as well. The more tactile your bathroom is, the more of a sensory experience it becomes. 

These can include bath cushions for resting your head on, with a dressing gown hanging up on the door, and plenty of fluffy towels stored on a shelf. Have various face and body flannels on the rails, and put a rubber mat on the floor to keep you from slipping in all that water. 

shower upgrade

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Revamp the Shower

The shower that came fitted with the house – what’s the pressure like? And how convenient is it to use? Because if it’s not one of those amazing, detachable hand showers, you’re going to want to rip out the whole unit. Replacing it with something you can move to suit you is far better for your health and hygiene. 

Plus, doing so will modernize the bathroom in one easy move! For older houses this is crucial for your comfort, but it’s also a good touch for any new builds that didn’t quite have the budget during the planning stages. 

Pop in a Plant

Plants are great space warmers. They add a hint of color when it’s desperately needed. If you don’t have the tiles or wallpaper sorted out yet, putting a tall plant next to the sink will definitely brighten up the space for you. 

And even when you’ve redecorated, don’t get rid of it. Plants help to fill up the negative space that is common in bathrooms, and you’ll be forever racking your brain to find something else suitable for filling up that empty corner! Use a fake plant if you want to, just let that greenery do its job. 

Go for Soft Lighting

Out of all the rooms in a house, soft lighting is the loveliest in bathrooms. Overhead lights can be pretty overbearing, and a lot of homeowners tend to go overboard when illuminating the bathroom. 

But if you want the space to feel calm and cozy, you’ll want to use softer sources, that aren’t so bright or can be dimmed if need be. Sconces next to or above the mirror, or a standing lamp that’s safe to be used in a ‘wet room’. Then when you’re relaxing in the bath, you won’t be forced to stare at a fluorescent light fitted in the ceiling. 

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Keep All Bathroom Products Actually in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are comfortable when they’re functional. That means you’ll want to keep all the products you use in the bathroom actually in there. The various lotions you like, brushes and massage pads, and any cleaning products you favor should all be kept securely in a bathroom cabinet. 

If they’re down in the kitchen, that’s a lot of moving you’ll have to do to keep the place clean! Keep it where you need it, make the room less of a chore, and you’ll be far happier with your new bathroom. As long as the items are shut away, they won’t be an eyesore either. 

The bathrooms should be the most comfortable rooms in the entirety of your home. Forget the bedroom and the living room, right after moving – you want to soak in the bath in style, and feel like you’re under glorious rainfall when you’re using the shower! 

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Sheila Hutchinson July 29, 2023 - 9:35 am
Thanks for the tips! Especially about keeping all the bathroom products IN the bathroom!
Terri Quick July 30, 2023 - 3:39 pm
Thank you for all these great tips
Debbie P July 30, 2023 - 9:04 pm
I just moved a little over a month ago. Thank you for this article.

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