8 Tips To Help Fight Child Obesity

by Jenn

It’s the holidays, there’s more junk floating around than normal.  It seems like almost everywhere you go there’s candy, cookies, soda pop, and everything else that’s super bad for us.  It’s often hard to fight the temptation as an adult, much less a child.

It’s something we’re dealing with in our home.  It’s something many parents are concerned with.  No parent wants to see their children obese.  It’s sad, and not only hard for them socially, and mentally, but its so bad for their health. 

It’s important that us as parents take a stand, make sure our children are getting off the couch, and on their feet, putting those chips down, and grabbing an apple.  There’s so much we can do as parents to help our children stay busy, eat healthy and avoid being obese.

I’m a full-time working mother of 4, my husband works full-time as well.  We both have extremely demanding jobs.  My husband is the lead of his shop, and I’m the store manager of a nation wide bank.  It’s not easy, and there’s day I would love to toss a corn dog in the microwave, and call it dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, now and then I do it, but it’s once in a while.

So what are some things we can do to help our children stay of the couch and be healthy?  Here’s a few things we do around our house to keep our children stay healthy.

Physical activity – During the summer my children are always outside, from the moment it’s cool enough they’re outside, in the clubhouse, on the trampoline, taking a walk with mom and dad, or doing something crazy.  It’s important that our children are getting one to two hours of physical activity daily.  Whether it’s at school or at home.

Eating habits – It’s easier to start our with good habits.  Teach your children to eat healthy.  Buy fruits and veggies for snacks, if you have chips and cookies laying around that’s what they’ll eat. Make eating an apple easy for them.  Keep them cut up in the fridge.

Beverages – It’s all about water!  There’s nothing wrong with a glass of milk or juice with dinner, but water should be easy to access during the day.  If you’re going to allow your children a glass of juice watch what you buy.

Visit schools – Be sure to know what your children are eating at school.  If the school isn’t willing to feed them a healthy meal, pack your child’s lunch.  At least you’ll know what is going into your child’s body.

Don’t deprive your child – I know it’s important for us to watch what our children eat, but it’s important to make sure they don’t feel like an outcast.  There’s nothing wrong with allowing them a candy, cookie, or sugary treat once in a while.   It’s our job to be sure it’s not too much, sweets should be a treat, not something we look forward to after every meal.  Remember there’s other sweet treats that you can give after meals.  Fruits are a great substitute, and often satisfy that sweet tooth.

Be a role model – It’s the Do as I Say, Not as I Do that’s not going to fly.  If you tell your children eating candy is bad for them, but they see you always have a candy bar in your purse, it’s likely they aren’t going to take your seriously and being sneaking food.   If you expect your children to eat healthy and get up and move, DO IT WITH THEM!

Make it fun – Go on walks with your children, it’s a great way to bond and talk about their day.  It’s important to stay close to your children, why not do it over a nice walk.

Let them help – Get them involved in cooking dinner.  If they help you make a meal, get your children involved in eating healthy.  It will teach them how to cook healthy, and make it a little fun.  If they cook it they’re more likely to be engaged.

It’s our job as parents to take a stand, and know what our children are eating.  Child obesity is serious and it’s important we do what we’re able to help our children.

What are things you do in your home to keep your children active and healthy?  Leave me a comment, I think there’s a lot of parents out there that would love to hear your ideas.


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