8 Places to Find Free Blog Themes and Backgrounds

by Jenn

Blogging is hard work, if you’re blogging you know it.  Even if you’re just starting out, you’re learning how much work is involved in being a blogger.  So writing on your blog, posting freebies, giveaways, information, great tips, etc. – that’s all great but without a good blog theme you’re hurting yourself.  Maybe you’re not able to afford a new theme yet, that’s okay there’s free blog themes and backgrounds available to help you spice up your blog.  You’ll be surprised, cleaning up your blog really helps build readership, find sponsors, and sponsors find you.

Think about it.  The internet is filled with spammers, people are on the lookout for it.  If they run into a blog that looks rundown, or uncared for they wont visit.  There might be great content on the blog, but most people are not willing to take the chance.  Advertisers want to advertise on a blog that is clean, they want their advertisement to be seen.  Take a moment and put yourself in their shoes, you probably turned away from websites that looked ran down.

Have you been searching the web looking for some free website backgrounds?  If you’ve been on the blog background mission, without any luck.  I have good news.  There are places that still offer something for free, and I have a wonderful list to share with you.

Head on over to Raspberry Road Design for some free backgrounds for your blog or website.  Raspberry Road Designs takes pride in graphic and print design.  They not only offer great freebies, but they will help you take your blog or website to the next level with a customized theme.

  • Blogaholic

You can find some great free blog backgrounds at Blogaholic.  They have a huge selection of some great backgrounds.  The set up is simple, easy to use, and their blog rocks!  Be sure to check out Blogaholic for some super blog themes.  They also have a list of some great blog designers.  Be sure to swing by and check them out.

Scrap-e-Blog has been hard at work making some new FREE Blogger backgrounds with matching headers.  She not only offers great Blogger backgrounds but other freebies as well.  Be sure to swing by and check out her other graphic design services.  Thanks to Scrap-e-Blog for thinking of everyone, and working hard to offers some great free Blogger themes.

My Style Backgrounds has an awesome selection of free blog backgrounds.   She has plenty of great free backgrounds.  You can choose from a bright pink cheetah design, calming Sweetest Sin in yellow, or a great Halloween header for your blog or website.  Oh, no way that’s not even close to all of them, just a few that caught my attention.

  • Blog Designs by Sheila

Blog Designs by Sheila has some wonderful blog backgrounds to choose from.  There’s a pink and while circle background that I just love.  What can I say, I love PINK!  Like you couldn’t tell.

Don’t miss Blog Designs by Sheila for not only your wonderful FREE Blog Backgrounds, but her other services as well.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to browse the portfolio.  Great work, if you’re looking for a freebie, or a custom design, check out Blog designs by Sheila.

You can find some great FREE WordPress Themes here.   There’s a large selection of very detailed blog themes.  I’ve never used them, so I cannot speak for the installation.  However, if I was looking for a detailed blog theme for free I would visit them.

I think the name says it all, their themes are smashing!  They have a list of 100 FREE WordPress Themes that are fabulous.  Surely you can find a theme you like from them.  If for some reason you’re not able to find a free WordPress Theme from them, you should save up and customize.  LOL, I know I am extremely picky and had to do the same.  I did use one of their FREE WordPress Themes until my travel blog theme was done.

Swing by and check out their list of 120 FREE Blogger Templates.  You can find awesome themes for just about any blogs niche.  If you use Blogger and are looking for a free blogger template, be sure to visit.

It’s always nice to have the money for a customized blog theme, but sometimes it’s just too much.  We have to start somewhere.  How your blog looks is important.  Readers trust a clean blog more than one that’s just tossed together.  Even if you cannot afford a customized blog theme, take some pride in your blog and find an awesome freebie.  Being a blogger is hard work, so make visiting your blog an enjoyable experience until you’ve saved enough money to purchase your dream customized theme.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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Dorothy Reading February 22, 2013 - 8:33 am
The look is definitely a big contributor to whether or not I'll visit a blog. Part of that is how easy it is to read, as well. Whether or not my eyes need to strain, or if I have too scroll all over the place to find what I want. I think a lot of people are hesitant to use premade templates because they want to be unique. I'm not an expert in html or css by any means, but I realized I could take a template and, like a recipe, change out my own ingredients.

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