7 Houseplants that Help Create a Positive Environment

by Heather

There have been a number of changes in our life over the last nine months. After taking stock of our current situation we decided to sell our home and build another. I’m working hard to create a more positive environment and opened myself up to new ideas that will help me do just that.

Did you know that gardening is a great stress buster? Did you know that having plants around your home can help purify the air and keep you healthy? What if I told you that having certain houseplants in and around your home could actually help transform the environment to a positive one?

YES! You read that right. Keep reading to discover just that and more!

7 Houseplants that Help Create a Positive Environment:


Photo by Laana13


Jasmine is one of the best plants to have in your garden. It is thought to help strengthen relationships and build romance. Plus, the sweet smell that Jasmine emits can help soothe a stressed mind and promote peace and tranquility.


Lucky Bamboo is a low maintenance plant and a top choice for most people; especially when it comes to indoor plants! Having the lucky bamboo plant in your home can help bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity into your home.


Photo by Tookapic


The Orchid brings positive energy into your home; according to Feng Shui. The sweet fragrance can turn out to be a wonderful mood booster. In addition, orchids also release oxygen at night, thus making them a great option as an indoor plant. Orchids are also absolutely beautiful and can add a touch of color to any home!


Rosemary has been known to promote mental health and well-being; I know I could definitely use more of that! By planting it around your home you, Rosemary acts as a wonderful natural remedy for fatigue and anxiety. Plus, it can also help boost memory, reduce stress and can lift the mood of those around it. Make sure you add Rosemary to your shopping list and herb garden!

Peace Lily

Photo by Gadini


Peace Lily is another flowering plant that can help make the environment in your home a more positive and stress-free one. It has been found to stimulate the flow of good energy into your home and can help detoxify the air indoors, making it much fresher and cleaner.

Money Plant

Photo by SandeepHanda


The Money Plant is one of the best plants that helps create a positive environment in your home. According to Feng Shui, having a Money Plant indoors will improve the flow of oxygen into your home. This plant also invites more good luck and fortune. The Money Plant has also been found to reduce anxiety and stress and is super easy to handle. This makes it the perfect choice for those who don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to gardening or if like me, you lack a green thumb!


Photo by congerdesign


Sage is an herb well known for its cleansing abilities, and quite naturally, planting it can help rid negative emotions from your home, specifically anger and fear. Planting sage indoors can also help stimulate the flow of positive energy into your home and can help improve the health of your family.

Look around your home and see if there is a corner or a room that could use a little jolt of positivity.

Let us know in the comments which plant you are most excited to add to your home!

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