6 Perfect Types of Sabbaticals to Consider

by Heather
6 Types of Sabbaticals to Consider

With more people realizing the significance of self-care, many turn to taking a sabbatical. But what exactly does a sabbatical entail? From extended vacations to academic leaves, there are various types of sabbaticals you could consider depending on your goals and specific needs. Here, we discuss 6 types of sabbaticals to consider. We will explore their effects in helping to recharge, rejuvenate and return with renewed vigor and resolve.


Vacation Sabbatical

Looking for an extended break without leaving the country. A vacation sabbatical might be exactly what you need! With no long-haul flights or cultural adjustments required, this option allows plenty of freedom for travel exploration without leaving too much time between jobs. Most vacation sabbaticals last no longer than three months.

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Academic Sabbatical

An academic sabbatical can be the perfect opportunity for those who want to focus on research or educational goals while taking a break from regular studies or work. Typically this type of sabbatical entails studying at another institution or conducting fieldwork related to your field. Offering invaluable knowledge and experience while making the most of your break.

Spiritual Sabbatical

Another type of sabbatical is a spiritual sabbatical. This provides you with the change to take time away from everyday life to reflect upon and develop yourself spiritually and personally. This may involve attending retreats, pilgrimages or volunteering with charitable organizations – giving yourself space and time to consider gails, discover more about yourself and become inspired once back home. 

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Professional Sabbatical

Professional sabbaticals provide an opportunity to take a much-needed break while simultaneously expanding your career. This may involve taking a short-term contract in another company or country, working on projects for organizations related to your field, or simply taking time to develop skills and gain knowledge that will aid progress when you return home. Cross country moving can also provide great advantages during professional sabbaticals because it gives you access to different cultures while making new contact.

Creative Sabbatical

A creative sabbatical can be the ideal solution for those needing time away from their regular jobs but still want to be productive. Take this time away to pursue one of your creative passions like writing, painting or sculpting. Perhaps take the opportunity to learn something new such as an instrument or language – doing so may invigorate and excite you when returning. Not only will this recharge you but could open up entirely new career prospects! 

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Digital Sabbatical

A digital sabbatical can be an ideal way to escape the hectic pace and stimulation of daily life. By giving up all forms of technology such as emails or social media and gaming/streaming content for an extended period, use this time to reconnect with nature or practice mindfulness – or just spend more time talking with friends and family. Taking this technology-free break can clear your head while providing some much-needed restorative down-time. 

No matter which sabbatical you opt for, it’s crucial that you plan ahead and are realistic about your potential achievements within your allotted time. When planned properly and taken with dedication and purpose, taking a sabbatical can be immensely fulfilling and reinvigorate your sense of purpose while giving much-needed break from daily responsibilities. 

If you could choose what kind of sabbatical to go on; which ultimately should be your decision, what would you pick? For me, we need to take a break from our computers and spend more time as a family. We make time for family during evenings and weekends but is that enough? I could really go for an all inclusive resort on the beach for a couple of weeks … this is all in my dreams of course … where all we have to worry about is each other. What is your dream? 

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Brittany Gilley July 15, 2023 - 3:06 pm
thanks for sharing
Terri Quick July 15, 2023 - 4:46 pm
Thank you for sharing this
MICHAEL A LAW July 16, 2023 - 12:18 am
Some really good ideas here.
Megan Allen July 17, 2023 - 1:35 pm
I actually never knew the true meaning of a sabbatical until you just explained it!! I nerd a vacation sabbatical since I haven't taken one in years! Thanks for sharing!

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