5 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills Effectively

by Heather

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It’s time to reduce utility bills permanently! Utility expenses can significantly drain your finances if not managed well. However, you can lower these costs by adopting practical energy-saving tips. Several effective ways to reduce energy bills include upgrading to double-pane windows, switching to LED bulbs, and installing smart thermostats. Using less energy at home doesn’t only allow you to save money; it also helps the environment. Here are some proven ways to reduce your energy bills at home.


Audit your energy consumption

Contact a professional to audit your energy, helping you understand the key things that raise your energy bills. A home energy audit may last about five to six hours, during which professionals may conduct a blower door test to inspect for drafts and other features of your home. Some energy companies may offer their customers free or discounted home energy assessment services, so find out from your local utility company if you can benefit from such offers. According to the Department of Energy, energy audits can save homeowners about 5-30% of their utility bills.

Try to use smaller devices for work and entertainment

The machines you use for work or entertainment can affect your energy bills. Desktop computers, for instance, use more energy than a laptop plugged in. Modern laptops are more efficient, thanks to innovations employed in building their components. Video game consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox, may offer you TV and movie-streaming applications; however, these are relatively less efficient than smaller devices built for streaming. You can save energy by using your game console for games only and investing in a separate streaming device for watching TV.

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Repair your HVAC units

Heating and cooling systems are incredibly notorious for increasing energy bills. This is especially true if they are not properly maintained. Experts recommend replacing your air filters every 30 days; forgetting to do this means poor heating and cooling and higher energy bills. Consider consulting AC repair experts to help you maintain and repair your air conditioners to improve their energy efficiency. You must also prioritize buying energy-efficient HVAC units, fridges, water heaters, washers, and dryers.

Cover your outlets

Air can leak out of your home through numerous sneaky places, such as your outlets. Even a little air stream from outside can exert pressure on your HVACs by causing them to lose or gain heat when not required – this can escalate your energy bills. Check your outlets on a cold day by placing your hand in front of them. If you feel air coming through, your outlets may not be blocking the outside temperature as they should. Fixing this problem with plastic outlets in the home improvement market is easy.

Use smart power strips

Some electrical devices don’t fully shut down when you switch them off; instead, they may operate in standby mode, which uses a bit of power that can accumulate over time and add to your bills. Remote-controlled gadgets may need the power to keep their remote sensor on while waiting for your input. You would save energy if you invested in a smart power strip to turn off the current when these devices are not in use. By making these changes, you can lower your monthly utility bills and positively impact the environment.

While these are just first steps, we are always looking for ways to reduce bills and live a more effective, less stressful life. Do you have any tips or pointers to share with readers? I know people change their thermostats during different times of the day, they run fans, they make sure to turn off lights, the possibilities are endless! 

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Terri Quick July 29, 2023 - 7:01 pm
Thank you for sharing these great tips
Maria Egan August 9, 2023 - 5:08 pm
With prices continually rising, these are helpful suggestions.

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