5 Android Apps for Bloggers and Writers

by Jenn

If you’re a blogger or a writer, there’s probably been a time or two you’ve found the need to post an article on the go, do research, share something with your social media followers, or blogtake down some notes.  In today’s day and age, with all the technology at our fingertips it makes blogging on the go a breeze.  However, there’s so many different Android Apps out there.  How do you know which ones to choose from?

As a blogger it’s important to stay connected and update your readers with the latest information, products, events, etc.  Lucky us, in today’s’ age we’re mobile.  So grab your Smartphone, tablet, or other Android deceive and let’s check out some great apps to help you blog on the go.

Here’s a list of some of the most useful Android apps for bloggers.  They will help you keep up with your blog while on the go. 

WordPress for Android

Yes, I had to mention this one first.  So many of us use WordPress, yes I am guilty a total WordPress junky.  It’s a good things, WordPress is a powerful platform for bloggers and website owners.  It’s also powerful as an Android app.  It’s great you can download the most popular blogging platform right to your Android device.  It allows users to complete tons of tasks, as well as blog right from your Android device.

Blogger for Android

If you’re not using WordPress chances are you’re blogging using the Blogger platform.  Downloading Blogger for Android will help you keep up with you blog, as well as blog right from you Android device.

Sprout Social for Android

Many of you might use Hoosuite, or another program that allows you to schedule posts to share your posts via your social media networks.   I prefer Sprout Social, it allows you to schedule updates on your social media networks.

Facebook for Android

It’s no wonder we would have Facebook on our Android device.  Most mobile devices come with it already installed.  However, it will help you stay connected with your friends, chat, and post to your fans.

Twitter for Android

There are several different apps to choose from if you’re going to download a Twitter app.  I personally prefer Twidroyd.  It runs nice and smooth, you can do anything from you Android device that you can from your computer with this bad boy.  To be honest I haven’t ran into many Twitter apps that didn’t run with my Android device well.

There you have them, the five Android apps that I use the most.  Now, we could go into more detail.  There’s so many that I don’t use all the time that I do use.  What Android apps do you find to help you blog on the go?

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Dorothy Reading February 24, 2013 - 10:53 pm
The only one I hadn't heard about was Sprout Social. Very cool! If I ever start blogging seriously, I'll keep this in mind ^_^
Coursework Help March 21, 2013 - 2:43 am
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