4 Port USB Fast Charger for Smartphones Review #fourportusb

by Heather


Cords, cords everywhere and not a drop to drink. Or something. Isn’t there a line in a slightly famous poem like that? The Ancient Mariner didn’t have to deal with charger proliferation like we do today. I look around my kitchen and there are chargers everywhere.

My phone.

The hubby’s phone.

My tablet.

The hubby’s tablet.

The daughter’s iPad Mini.

The daughter’s LeapPad.

The daughter’s LeapBand.

The daughter’s wireless headphones.

I just realized my daughter officially has as many devices as the hubby and I combined. Oh, modern technology, how we are enslaved to thee. Wait, put down my smartphone and just back away before I hurt you. You can’t have my smartphone.

So this proliferation of chargers in my kitchen is causing issues. There is no space on my kitchen counter. There are no free outlets for me to plug in things like the stand mixer or the bread maker or…ok who am I kidding? I don’t cook or bake that much. There are no free outlets for the Blender, the electric wine bottle opener, the margarita machine, and the daiquiri machine.

Luckily I now have the Rif6 USB fast charger. This miracle device allows you to charge 4 USB powered devices all at once, including a tablet. So with this one charger I can plug in one of our tablets, the daughter’s iPad Mini, and both of our phones. So now instead of all of our outlets being used up by chargers, I have plenty of room for my drink machines. Hey, you gotta have priorities.



  • Charge up to 4 USB powered devices at once – Short Circuit / Over Charge / Over Heat protection
  • Charge your Digital Camera, Smartphone, GPS, MP3 player, eBook, Tablet, etc…
  • Multi voltage for over 150 countries – Perfect for Business or Leisure travelers
  • One 5 Volts / 2 Amp. port — Three 5 Volts / 1 Amp. port – Intelligent power distribution
  • Comes with different 3 different color plastic bands that can easily be replaced


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