3 Tips To Increase Your Blogs Readership and Traffic

by Jenn

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It’s natural, you’ve been blogging for a little while and you want more traffic.  Blogging is hard work and growing your readership can be frustrating.  Don’t give up there’s several things you can do to help increase your blogs readership and traffic.  Here’s a few tips to help you take your blog to the next level.

Post regularly – One of the best ways to increase readership, drive traffic, and take your blog to the next level is to post fresh content regularly.  Would you want to visit a blog that doesn’t post regularly?  Think about it, you visit a blog that posts inconsistently.  Sometimes they post daily, others you won’t see a new post for a few weeks.  People will move on to another blog that does post regularly.

Relationship with your readers thought comments – Listen to your readers comments, they are providing you with valuable feedback.  They might tell you they love the post, if so remember your readers are enjoying that subject.  Readers want to know that you’re paying attention to their comments and not just approving them.  Acknowledge them by replying with heartfelt words.  When you respond you’re showing your readers that you care about them, their thoughts and you appreciate them.

Offer email subscriptions for your blogs content – FeedBurner’s gone, but there’s so many other services out there to help you offer email subscriptions to your readers.  Offering email subscriptions gives these infrequent readers the chance to keep up with your posts.  Since adding email subscriptions to Pink Ninja Bloggers I’ve seen about a 8% to 10% increase in traffic.  Really, it’s a win, win situation.  You’re happy traffic is increasing, and your readers are happy to see your email.

Building up your blogs traffic takes time, work and patients.  So be patient and do what you do daily.  Post fresh content, interact with your readers through comments, and allow your readers an alternative way to stay up to date with your blog.  There’s plenty of other ways to increase traffic to your blog or website, but remember only focus on a few at a time so you’re able to know what is working, and what isn’t working for you.

There’s also social media to help you interact with your readers and drive traffic to your blog or website.  If you’re new or unsure about using social media for your blog, read Social Media Websites for Bloggers.

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