3 Important Things to Teach Your Kids About Christmas

by Heather

What to Teach Your Kids About Christmas Traditions

When you are in the lead up to Christmas, the shops around you are full of decorations. They are full of items that will point towards what children want for Christmas, as well as Father Christmas being on his way and the food, and there are so many things that will show you that Christmas is here and it’s the season for it.

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is parenthood.

Being able to gather your children together and teach them all about what Christmas is and what it means and how they should feel at Christmas time is one of the biggest family bonding experiences – and the best part about it is that you get it at least once a year. 

What to Teach Your Kids About ChristmasImage Source: Pexels

However, if you want to make sure that your children understand the true meaning of Christmas, then you have to really consider what you are teaching them at this time of year. Naturally, Christmas makes children feel excited and happy, and all of the themed build up to Christmas is part of building that excitement.

Of course, a small child is never going to understand the full depth of what Christmas is or the Christmas message. But they can understand why we celebrate and how we celebrate. So here are the things that you should be teaching your children about Christmas.

Family Celebration

Image source: Pexels

 About Jesus. You may not be a religious family, but being able to teach your children the meaning behind Christmas is still relevant. Helping them to understand why we exchange gifts and why we gather together to celebrate joy in the world that’s full of things that really are the opposite of joy is important.

And this time of the year more than any, if you are in a country that is not paralyzed by war or famine or dealing with such serious debt that people are dying at high rates that this is a precious time to spend with your children.

Use candles. It’s so important that you use candles to teach your children about Christmas. You can set glowing candles in the middle of a table and dim the lights to make the room more magical, especially if there is a tinsel where the light will bounce off.

If you have the Christmas decorations up, you could talk about why we decorate their homes for Christmas and why we use a Christmas tree in the first place. All of this will point to the true meaning behind Christmas so that they can appreciate that it’s not just all about gifts.

The importance of Christmas music. Christmas music is not all Christmas caroling. It’s lovely to hear those strains of Hark the Herald Angels sing while you eat your Christmas dinner, but there is also something glorious about belting out Merry Christmas by Slade and listening to all of the amazing soundtracks that come out around Christmas time.

The shops will be playing them nonstop, but teaching your children the best Christmas music is part of the fun. 

We return to the main theme … What to Teach Your Kids About Christmas

The holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to impart valuable lessons to our children about the true meaning of Christmas. By emphasizing the importance of gratitude, compassion, and the spirit of giving, we can help them develop a deeper appreciation for this special time of year.

Encouraging meaningful traditions, fostering a sense of community, and nurturing their curiosity about the world’s diverse holiday celebrations can further enrich their understanding of the season.

Ultimately, teaching our kids about Christmas is about shaping them into kind, empathetic, and generous individuals who carry the spirit of love and togetherness with them throughout their lives. As parents and caregivers, let us continue to nurture these important values and create lasting memories.

This will make each Christmas a truly magical and meaningful experience for our children.

Make a list, what types of things do you teach your kids about Christmas?

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