GhostBed ~ Unearthing the Bed in a Box

Don’t judge me. For the longest time we coslept with our daughter. A practice born of desperation, it was a hard habit to break. But as she reached the ripe old age of six we kept hearing more and more “I want to sleep in my room.” The first obstacle was cleaning her room. Since she slept with us her room (and her bed) had become the catchall area for her stuff. So once we managed to bin up all her junk and get her room to a usable state, we tried to let her sleep in there a few times without success. Inevitably she would wake up, come out to the living room where we were still awake and crawl into my lap. Once we got as far as 3 am, at which point we woke up to find her crying next to our bed, wondering why no one had heard her crying in … [Read more...]

Bonefish Grill: Warming Up with the Winter Menu

It’s January! Do you know what that means? That’s right. It’s time for Bonefish. Ok, really the two have nothing to do with each other or do they? Hmm, either way, it sounded good right? Right? It is winter though (weather it feels like it or not) and that actually does mean it’s time for Bonefish and the Winter Menu. So what have they cooked up for us this time? Is the hubby going to ruin it by ordering something boring again? Was it good? Come along and let’s find out. Okay, I can’t handle the suspense. IT WAS A SUCCESS! We started off the night with an old friend. Perfect as usual is all I will say about the Bang Bang Shrimp. At least I assume, since the daughter and the hubby wolfed it down, as usual. One of these days I would … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Winter Tales at Bonefish Grill #WinterTales

We got the call. Like Batman picking up the Batphone. We need you. Are you available? What do you need? We need you to try our Winter Tales menu. You can count on me commissioner. Honey, we got another DATE NIGHT!! I know, my exciting life! But seriously, we love Bonefish Grill. Their new Winter Tales of Lobster and Fish is definitely worth it. How worth it? Let me share this little tidbit with you. My hubby hates Lobster. With a passion. Can’t stand it. WE passed up the Bang Bang Shrimp this time and got the Lobster Flatbread. Yeah, that’s right. The hubby who hates lobster, ate lobster. And liked it. And my daughter, well I don’t think she’s ever had lobster before. She’s at the stage where her diet consists of chicken fingers and hot … [Read more...]

Ultimate Prenatal Multivitamin Review #prenatal

I have been with my husband for fourteen years and we have been blessed with an intelligent, beautiful, charismatic 5 year old little girl. She has been absolutely amazing from the start and turned our life upside, in a good way, from day one. After a great deal of discussion and consideration, we decided that we would really like to have another baby. I contacted my physicians to discuss prenatal vitamins and both my gynecologist and primary care physician recommended that I purchase over the counter prenatal vitamins to take prior to getting pregnant. There was a mention of insurance companies and what they do and do not like to pay for over lengthy periods of time but we won’t get into that. It was as if someone could hear my thoughts … [Read more...]

You have a voice – Let it be heard!

Get Paid To Review Products Become part of a team for consumer research. Allow your voice to be heard and get compensated for sharing your opinion. Sign up today, and start making an impact. … [Read more...]

Awesome way to earn money for your campaign!

Have you heard of Teespring?  It’s a awesome crowd funding platform for groups.  If you have a cause or community and are looking for a way to earn some money this might just the something you will be interested in.  Let me tell you a little about how it works. First you design a t-shirt.  Next you set your selling goal, and based on your selling goal Teespring will quote you a base price per shirt.  Then the fun begins, set you’re price for each shirts, and the difference is all profit.  You will be given a custom link to sell your shirts.  So start selling those bad boys, really the possibilities are endless.  There are so many people who will support an awesome cause, getting a shirt is an awesome perk in my opinion.  I know I would … [Read more...]

Hot Tools Curling Iron – I Think I’m In Love!

I recently received a Hot Tools Curling Iron for review from Beauty Stop Online, it's even PINK.  Love my new PINK curling iron! It’s funny the closer it gets to the day I tell my boss, “See ya wouldn't want to be ya” the more I find myself wanting to get dressed up.  WOW, isn't it supposed to be the other way around?  It just goes to show how unhappy my job has made me.  I really feel like my job has taken so much away from me, it is hard for me to be happy.  It’s not that it has just taken so much away from me, it’s my boss and she way she is.  I never see her, there is 0% support from her, she puts on this big act when people come into town and acts like she is part of our team, needless to say she isn't   The only time I talk to her is … [Read more...]

Softsoap Citrus Splash and Berry Fusion

There's nothing worse to me than washing my hands or body with soap that leave my skin feeling dry.  I'm a bit of a lotion freak as well.  I cannot stand for my skin to be left feeling dry, and nasty.  I have tried several different types of body wash, and hand soap in the past.  Some works, but most leaves my skin feeling dry.  I actually wanted to share a brand that I personally love. If you have not heard there's a new Softsoap on the move, lol. Okay, it's soap how awesome can it be? If you're a super smell good freak, as I am, it's pretty darn awesome. I've always loved Softsoap. I have used their Liquid Hand Soap for as long as I can remember. I am picky about soap. Some of it just leaves my hand feeling rough, dry, and tight. I … [Read more...]

Free Cards From

  Yepie, check out this wonderful Freebie!  I don't normally post freebies on this site but I just couldn't pass this one up!  I personally use and love what they have to offer!  I would hate it if any of you missed out! Be sure to choose your FREE personalized card before the weekend is over!  This wonderful opportunity only lasts until Sunday! will even ship your card out FREE!   You must use the below link to get your free cards from Use this link to get your FREE Cards + FREE Shipping at! Use code: CAJ2719, Valid 7/19 thru 7/22. Shop Now! … [Read more...]

Invitation Box | Invitations, Announcements, Personalized Gifts and More

Searching the web for the best announcement and invitations can be a job.  When shopping for announcement and invitations it's important to find products that are unique, quality, and fairly priced.  Personalized invitations is something I feel like I am constantly looking for.   With 4 children we always have a birthday party, pool party, BBQ, or some type of event going on.  I hate running to the store and getting the same old invitations that everyone has, I like something with personality, something different and fun.   Have you heard about Invitation Box?  They are an awesome online shop that helps you with your party needs!  You can find baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, birthday invitations, wedding … [Read more...]