Home and Holiday Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond ~ iTunesBBB15

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Can you believe that it is already November? It feels like time is flying and the holidays will be here before we know it. Now, if you are anything like me, that means you are already planning ahead for coming attractions such as family meals and outings while keeping an eye out for money saving events that hit before the main event … Did I mention that we are serious procrastinators? We’re the people that normally throw together a menu planning session the Sunday before Thanksgiving and then a couple of us are tasked with running around like crazy looking for Turkey and pumpkin when everyone has been sold out for weeks. Hmm, I’m always part of the “couple” that does this running. I have no idea how my name gets picked out of the hat every … [Read more...]

A Visible Difference ~ courtesy of IAMS and a Mommy/Puppy Spa Day

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Lunchbox. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Spa Day. Just saying the words conjures up images of pampering and relaxation and the removal of stress. Do you know how long it has been since I have had a spa day? Forever. And I don’t mean that in the metaphorical, “oh it’s been so long since I’ve had a spa day. I’m so overdue!” kind of way. I mean literally forever. I’ve never had a spa day. I’ve had a massage here and there. And I’ve gotten a pedicure once or twice. But that’s about it. And now that my daughter is in full time kindergarten I actually have the time to take a spa day. But what about my other kids? The four legged ones. Wouldn’t it be fun … [Read more...]

Rhapsody KIDS ~ A Fun, Safe, and Easy Music Experience for Kids

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There are days I feel old. The hubby grew up when personal computers were in their infancy. I grew up when computers were common, but not a household staple. My daughter is growing up in the age of ubiquitous computing. She knows how to use her iPad better than I know how to use anything. To this day she still shows me how to do things on my phone. Things I didn’t even know it could do. When the hubby and I were growing up, there were a few well-regulated TV channels and radio stations got in trouble for saying dirty words. Risqué songs were relegated to late-night. The Internet wasn’t even a concern. Now I’m not a Luddite or a prude by any stretch. But in this day and age of ever present, ever connected media and technology, parents need a … [Read more...]

Freedom Mentor Review

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A few years ago, a friend of mine sent me a list of properties and asked me to look them over and give my opinion. After balking at the price point I asked him why he wanted to move out of state when he had just recently purchased a home. He explained he wasn’t planning on moving, he was planning on investing. I then asked him if he was crazy since the housing market had crashed. He said when it comes to real estate, investment properties are purchased when the market is up and down. He also noted that this was the one thing that he has been investing in for years. After our conversation I was ready to buy in. I just knew that we were missing out on a huge opportunity. I explained to my husband that we HAD to get involved. He kind of … [Read more...]

Hurry and Save Big on iTunes at Lowes! #iTunesLowes15

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I have to admit something. We do not have a lot of Apple devices in my house. In fact we have only one. That is my daughter’s iPad. Well, and my mom’s iPad. And we might have an iPod or two floating around. Ok, so maybe we have more than one Apple device. And with all those devices, comes the need for iTunes and the App Store. In case you haven’t heard, that’s how you get music and apps onto your Apple devices. Now here’s a little known secret. Apple products never really go on sale. I mean never. Trust me. I know I keep an eye out. Ever notice Black Friday Sales on Apple products. There aren’t any. So when something Apple goes on sale, I pay attention. And now is one of those times. iTunes gift cards are on sale at Lowe’s. I know. … [Read more...]

Saving Face and Space with SanDisk and Best Buy

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Have you ever heard of Kodak? For those of you that don’t know, they used to make photographic film. Now if you ask me what film is I’m just going to smack you. You see, back when I was a kid, there were these things called cameras, that you used to take pictures and those pictures were put onto film, which you then had to take to a store to get the film developed and printed. You couldn’t just take 5 million pictures; you had to be careful and selective about your pictures, because film cost money. These days, Kodak doesn’t make film. I’m not even sure Kodak even exists. You know what you use to take pictures? Probably your phone. That’s what I use most of the time. I love my phone. Mostly. You know what I don’t love about my phone? The … [Read more...]

Best Buy ~ Making Finding the Perfect Birthday Gifts Easier Than Ever

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I love shopping for weddings and baby showers. You know why? Because they’re so easy. Go to a store, print out a list and go pick out exactly what the giftee wants. So easy. You know what I hate shopping for? Everything else. You know why? Because you don’t get that convenient list of things to just buy. You actually have to put thought into it to figure out what people want. Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Arbor Day, President’s Day. Okay, okay, maybe we’ll just stick with birthdays! Unless you have a kid, who love to make lists, buying a present is a mystery. And if you are looking for electronics, it can be even harder. But not anymore! Best Buy has the tools to help you find the perfect birthday gift. Whether you are … [Read more...]

HURRY! Stock Up and Save on HP Ink ~ #HPink

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HP Ink 3

I like bargains. I won’t lie. I’m a couponer, its part of my makeup. But there are some things that you never really seem to get deals on. That’s part of life. So occasionally, when they go on sale, you pounce. And guess what? This is one of those times. Until August 1st, you can officially get HP ink for the best price since 2012. Buy 1 get 1 50% off. For a couponer, a chance to stock up like that only comes once every…well…3 years. And I plan on stocking up. I don’t know if I will buy enough to last for the next three years, but I will definitely buy enough to get me through some of that. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, “self, why would I spend all that money on real HP ink cartridges?” Well I’ll tell you. Have you ever used … [Read more...]

Heading to Gatlinburg? Check out Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

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Have you ever been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee? When I was growing up, it was a tradition that our family would visit every fall in celebration of our favorite season. The cool part is my grandparents would tag along too. Unfortunately, the tradition kind of died out, for lack of better terms, after my father passed away. Still, Gatlinburg has always held a special place in my heart. Now that I am older, married, and a parent, my husband and I are working on creating family traditions of our own and Gatlinburg is one that we would like to revive. We went last year and we are planning on going this fall as well. On this trip, I am thrilled to know that my daughter is old enough to attend some of the fun attractions offered by Ripley's Believe … [Read more...]

Jawbone ~ Reinventing Health & Fitness at Best Buy

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Thin, sleek, style-savvy I have something to admit. I’m not a huge fitness nut. My older sister? She’s a total fitness nut. And I phrase it that way mostly because she’s flat out crazy, even if she won’t admit it. Me not so much. The fitness part I mean. I’m plenty crazy. But getting healthier is a goal of mine. Now that I have a daughter and she is old enough to comprehend these things, I want to set a good example. Part of that is eating right and part of it is exercising. But part of it is being able to keep track of what I’m doing. And while there is no magic bullet for the first two, there are definitely tools to help with the third, and two of those are the new Jawbone UP2 or UP3 at Best Buy. These are not you run of the mill … [Read more...]