Chefcoo™ Cutting Plastic Board Plus Non-stick Knives Set Review #ChefcooBoard

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I haven’t always loved cooking. Before I started staying home, it was more of a chore then a pleasure to cook. I hated coming home and having to figure out what to make and so on. I have found the joy of cooking, and also found out I am actually good at it. Well I mean don’t expect me to make a turducken any time soon but I know I could if I really wanted to at least. One of my biggest issues that I have noticed is that my cutting boards never are the same once they have come in contact with a carrot or strawberries, or anything that might have a color to it and then get cut up on the board, well it becomes more of a multi-color board than of a white board. Not only that boards but the boards always seem to dull out my knives when I use … [Read more...]

Galaxy S6 Cases by aLLreLi Review ~ #galaxys6

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I wreak havoc on technology. And, when I say havoc, I mean it is so bad that my husband has threatened to take my “toys” away. First, there is my computer. It is so old, or at least overworked, that the letters on the keys are worn away. It has been kicked, knocked on the floor, spilled on, dropped … you name it and it has happened. The Blu-ray player … umm, we will just keep this one short and sweet and I will admit that I’m not supposed to use it without supervision. Then there is my smartphone. The joys of a brand new phone! My little cutie pie turned 2 weeks old on Sunday; how old is yours? Let’s talk about my phone a bit more, shall we? So, two Sundays ago we head to the local store to pick up a new device for me. I have been … [Read more...]

Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash Review #hamiltonpet

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I have two dogs. I’ve mentioned that before. I have a small fenced yard. It’s bigger than a postage stamp, but it’s still not huge. You know what happens when you put two dogs in a small yard? The yard becomes pretty much unusable by anyone else. The hubby goes out to mow it and pretty much has to be hosed off before he’s allowed inside. So we have resorted to walking our dogs more. And that’s okay because it gets us outside to walk and it keeps the back yard less destroyed. But one thing you need when you are walking two dogs are strong leashes (well, you also need collars; otherwise there is nothing to hook the leash onto. Umm, you also need dogs, otherwise there is nothing to put the collar on, but that is probably implied). So we … [Read more...]

Misol Vitamin B12 Peppermint Oral Spray Review #MisolB12

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Vitamins. They’re kind of important. For me they’re extra kind of important. As a gastric bypass patient my husband and I have very specific requirements about having to take vitamins, more so than most people. Because of the nature of Gastric Bypass we don’t absorb vitamins the way other people do, this can lead to a lot of really bad consequences if we don’t take supplements. So, we take a lot of vitamin supplements. One of those supplements is vitamin B12. The thing about B12 is that it’s kind of an important vitamin. Imagine being tired all the time, depressed, and having a poor memory. Then imagine mania and psychosis. Then imagine irreversible damage to your brain and nervous system. These are the increasing symptoms of B12 … [Read more...]

Fast into the Future with the AMD FX APU – HP Envy TouchSmart Laptop from Best Buy

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The Apollo spacecraft. It was the vehicle that landed on the moon. The pinnacle of modern technology. But here’s the thing about modern technology, it keeps advancing. It’s been said that a modern calculator has more computing horsepower than the computer on the Apollo lander. That’s probably true, but it took a while for that to happen. As the pace of technology innovation has increased, that sort of thing keeps happening more and more.  Sometimes I feel like my brand new phone has more computing horsepower than my laptop. And my laptop is only 4 years old. So in the span of the lifetime of my child, my computer has gone from screaming fast modern laptop to paperweight. It’s time for a new computer. So I know I need a new computer, but … [Read more...]

An Exclusive on the Best Nail Clippers from Clyppi

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How often do you manicure your fingernails and toenails? Are you amongst the crowd that only has to worry about these types of things once a month? At least, I assume that is the going timeline. Or, are you like me and have to attend to both at least once a week? Yes, I said once a week … A LEAST! You see, I am part of a very exclusive group known as the Double Edge Sword Slicers. Yep, very exclusive. In fact, I am risking life and limb just for writing this post and exposing them. But, now that I have already stepped in doggy doodoo, which means I will need to check my toenails once I finish up here, I might as well tell all. The Double Edge Sword Slicers are a group of individuals that have to manicure their fingernails and toenails … [Read more...]

Achieving Healthy Hair with Amplixin Hair Loss Support System ~ #amplixin

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I had a gastric bypass three years ago and I have been struggling with hair loss ever since. Now, I want to point out that this was one of the potential side effects that I was warned about but I didn’t think much of it at the time because I have extremely thick hair. Three years later, here I am still losing hair. Let me note that I’m not losing hair at an alarming rate but the amount that comes out in the shower is a bit disheartening. Then, the unthinkable happened. I was at work one day and a coworker was staring at my hair. I asked her what was wrong and she said it looked like I have a small bald spot coming in. Of course I have pointed it out and asked everyone and their cousin if they agree, nobody does or at least they won’t admit … [Read more...]

Advanced Probiotic from Number One Nutrition

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About a year ago, my gynecologist recommended that I add a probiotic to my daily regimen due to some female issues that I was having. Not to get too personal but I was suffering from frequent yeast infections and she hoped this would be a way to build a good offense instead of always being on the defense. I have been taking generic label probiotics (I’m not sure there is another kind) since she suggested them and *knock on wood* I have only had one infection since. The more that I have looked into probiotics, the more I have learned about the health benefits of taking them. Seriously, this is something that doctors or gynecologists should introduce to their female patients and sooner rather than later. There should be advertisements in the … [Read more...]

Snuggling Down in our Luxury 500 Thread Cotton Sheets {Queen} from Yorkshire-Mayfair

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What do you do when you are stressed out, feeling a little anxious, or in a funk? There are a number of techniques to battle each of these feelings and I am sure you have your way of doing things but I am here to tell you that there is only one right way to win the war … doing laundry! Yes, you read that right, doing laundry. There is nothing more cleansing than doing three to six loads of laundry, folding everything, putting it away, and then stripping the bedsheets that you washed two days ago and washing them again! It works like a charm … every time. What? What is that you say? You don’t find doing laundry relaxing or therapeutic? Well, you are a complete weirdo then. Everyone does laundry to decompress. Give it a try. Trust … [Read more...]

Omega Soul Forskolin Purified Herbal Supplement

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Are you interested in an appetite suppressant and fat burner? Are you tired of working hard to lose weight only to gain it back again and often even more? Omega Soul Forskolin Purified Herbal Supplement may help. Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii) is an ancient herb grown in the mountains of Asia. It has been used for years to help with health disorders and is also used as a dietary supplement. Omega Soul’s Forskolin is thought to help promote the burning of body fat while at the same time keeping the body’s muscle mass in a healthy state. Specifically, Omega Soul Forskolin is formulated to: Burn belly fat Aid in weight loss while preserving muscle tissue Support vitality and libido in men and women Promote energy so you will be able … [Read more...]