Heading to Gatlinburg? Check out Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

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Have you ever been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee? When I was growing up, it was a tradition that our family would visit every fall in celebration of our favorite season. The cool part is my grandparents would tag along too. Unfortunately, the tradition kind of died out, for lack of better terms, after my father passed away. Still, Gatlinburg has always held a special place in my heart. Now that I am older, married, and a parent, my husband and I are working on creating family traditions of our own and Gatlinburg is one that we would like to revive. We went last year and we are planning on going this fall as well. On this trip, I am thrilled to know that my daughter is old enough to attend some of the fun attractions offered by Ripley's Believe … [Read more...]

Jawbone ~ Reinventing Health & Fitness at Best Buy

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Thin, sleek, style-savvy I have something to admit. I’m not a huge fitness nut. My older sister? She’s a total fitness nut. And I phrase it that way mostly because she’s flat out crazy, even if she won’t admit it. Me not so much. The fitness part I mean. I’m plenty crazy. But getting healthier is a goal of mine. Now that I have a daughter and she is old enough to comprehend these things, I want to set a good example. Part of that is eating right and part of it is exercising. But part of it is being able to keep track of what I’m doing. And while there is no magic bullet for the first two, there are definitely tools to help with the third, and two of those are the new Jawbone UP2 or UP3 at Best Buy. These are not you run of the mill … [Read more...]

Summer of the Drone ~ 3D Robotics Solo Drone at Best Buy

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It’s 1984, the drones are everywhere. Flying above gunning down the last remaining humans. Prowling on the ground crunching over piles of human skulls. Fortunately that drone filled future didn’t come to pass. The future that did come to pass is slightly more cheerful. No I’m not talking about predator drones, I’m talking about various civilian drones that you can mount cameras on. Whether it’s following you along your nature hike or getting the bird’s eye view of your kid’s birthday party, this is the Summer of the Drone. Yeah, that’s my own title. Like It? Patent Pending. Or trademark, or something. Whatever, I’m not a lawyer. I’m a mommy and I like cool new gadgets that let me take pictures of my family. If you have a father in your life … [Read more...]

LG G4 at Best Buy ~ Experiencing the Cutting Edge of Technology

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The hubby thinks my nickname should be Bane. Not because I look anything like the evil villain from Batman, but because I am the bane of all things electronic. Phones, computers, TVs, you name it, it hates me. Works great for the hubby, not for me. Why do I bring this up you ask? Because I am once again on the hunt for a new cell phone. I won’t name names on what brand I currently own, but let’s just say it is going fast. The battery doesn’t last, it takes terrible pictures, and overall it’s just (to coin a phrase the hubby likes to use) “meh.” So rather than wander over to my local “I’m going to rip you off celluar provider’s” local store I decided to wander into Best Buy to see what they have and saw the new LG G4 Smartphone. It doesn’t … [Read more...]

Color, Clarity, and Chris Pratt courtesy of the Samsung 4K SUHD TV and Best Buy ~ #SUHDatBestBuy

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This isn’t a plug for Jurassic World, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway. You’ll see why in a bit. I love Jurassic Park. I’ve seen it more than once. It was on the other day and I watched it. The interesting thing about this particular viewing was that it had a sneak preview of Jurassic World. Now ever since Guardians of the Galaxy I have loved me some Chris Pratt, so I was definitely looking forward to the sneak preview, and the movie itself, and slathering Chris Pratt up with…umm yes hubby dear, I’m writing a review. Now don’t get me wrong, I have an HD TV. A nice big Samsung TV hanging on my wall. And watching the movie preview really got me excited about the movie. And then I went to Best Buy. And I was disappointed. In my … [Read more...]

Comfort and Class in a Libian Maxi Dress ~ Available in Junior Plus Sizes

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I have always been a huge fan of maxi dresses, I love them, but they don’t always love me. See, I am short and short girls and maxi dresses just don’t seem to mix. However, if there is one thing that I have found with just about anything I wear, with the right pair of heels, I can make any outfit work! I have a few maxi dresses but have to admit they really are not all that flattering. Comfortable? Yes. Flattering? Not so much. The cinching at the top hugs the curves of my bust enough to hide my tummy, which is not my favorite part of my body, so that is a bonus but that is about it. As for my butt, it really doesn’t do anything for my butt. Then again, let’s be honest, a lot of dresses don’t. So, now that we have discussed the pros and … [Read more...]

4K Ultra HD In-store Events Happening Now at Best Buy

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I thought about starting with “Are you READY to RUMBLE?” But that didn’t really make sense since we aren’t going to be talking about amazing sound systems (although they have those too). So then I thought about starting with “Are you READY to WATCH?” And that just doesn’t sound right. Plus, I don’t want to get a call from the lawyers of a certain wrestling federation. So we’ll just start with “ARE YOU READY?” Ready for what? 4K my friend. The latest in super high quality, high definition picture. We’re talking mind-blowing picture quality, color more real than real, and amazing 4K resolution! Are you the kind of person that likes to sit in your home theater and watch Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News. Oh wait, I mean, are you the kind … [Read more...]

Turning a Dream into Reality Courtesy of Best Buy and Samsung

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Samsung Range Collage

I used to watch HGTV a lot. But I stopped because I got so frustrated. Designer Kitchens. Huge Bathrooms. Fancy media rooms. Fabulous back yards. People that seemed to have about $3 to their name yet redid 10 rooms in their house. You know what I was always most jealous of? Don’t laugh. You’re going to laugh. Please don’t. Dual ovens. I have to hear about the hubby growing up with dual ovens all the time. “This was back before microwaves mind you. Man that extra oven was sooo convenient. Turkey in the main oven, side dishes in the top oven. It was soo great.” I have wanted dual ovens for the longest time. Unfortunately, we don’t have a kitchen where we can put those fancy dual things in the wall, so I’ve been looking wistfully at dual … [Read more...]

Chefcoo™ Cutting Plastic Board Plus Non-stick Knives Set Review #ChefcooBoard

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I haven’t always loved cooking. Before I started staying home, it was more of a chore then a pleasure to cook. I hated coming home and having to figure out what to make and so on. I have found the joy of cooking, and also found out I am actually good at it. Well I mean don’t expect me to make a turducken any time soon but I know I could if I really wanted to at least. One of my biggest issues that I have noticed is that my cutting boards never are the same once they have come in contact with a carrot or strawberries, or anything that might have a color to it and then get cut up on the board, well it becomes more of a multi-color board than of a white board. Not only that boards but the boards always seem to dull out my knives when I use … [Read more...]

Galaxy S6 Cases by aLLreLi Review ~ #galaxys6

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I wreak havoc on technology. And, when I say havoc, I mean it is so bad that my husband has threatened to take my “toys” away. First, there is my computer. It is so old, or at least overworked, that the letters on the keys are worn away. It has been kicked, knocked on the floor, spilled on, dropped … you name it and it has happened. The Blu-ray player … umm, we will just keep this one short and sweet and I will admit that I’m not supposed to use it without supervision. Then there is my smartphone. The joys of a brand new phone! My little cutie pie turned 2 weeks old on Sunday; how old is yours? Let’s talk about my phone a bit more, shall we? So, two Sundays ago we head to the local store to pick up a new device for me. I have been … [Read more...]